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  2. Yeah, I don't think I would ever kill a man over a motorcycle but I would bamn sure enjoy hearing some knuckles breaking and knowing he'll be enjoying arthritis for the rest of his miserable life. Anyway, no news about the greenmachiene but I have made some progress on the chop: Running a small battery, i want to draw as little as possible to run the lights. I planned on LED's for head and tail lights. I planned to run the tombstone taillight I already had, (also the holes in the fender just happened to be already drilled for one) so I went looking for the LED conversion. Wow, $80 Samolians, that's out. I happened to have one of these, (see first pic) that I picked up at the swap meet a while back for like 3 bucks. Now as some of you may know LED's are not like regular bulbs that throw light in every direction. They only send light one direction. Having it stand straight up, like so shining light on my glorious backside, (however titillating) is less than the ideal position for this particular buld. So, first I cut a big hole in the old HD bezel and did a little grinding for clearance. I had to put an extra 90 degree bend in the bulb holder and came up with something like this. Now because the new location of the holder is very close to the fender with the original gasket under the housing I needed something thicker, pliable and water proof... hmmm... Yep, for those of you who aren't from around here that's one of my good, Sunday, going to walmart in my pajamas flip flops. Or rather, it was. Here's my end result. PS: I have no idea why the pics are sideways or how to embed a YouTube vidya so deal with it.
  3. Yep all those details take forever
  4. I have had some health issues and a lot of work also. Really have not done much with the scooter the past couple weeks. Ordered some more anodized fitting, some hoses, clamps, fuel filter, valve along with other small items. All for the gas tank hook ups. Not in yet.... But I am gonna hafta make an adapter for the suction side of the ford fuel pump. I have some of it ordered but will make one piece. I have started whittling on it.
  5. Earlier
  6. looks great!
  7. Decided to use another racked I made for the lp I think it looks pretty sweet
  8. Man that seat fitz good!
  9. Got tired of dreading turning the splines out of those ratchets so I started today. No way I was gonna be able to take an interrupted, cut tool steel wont touch it and a carbide insert wont handle that kind of interruption. So I dug the tool post grinder out and reached in with a 4mm diamond . Left a little of the spline on this one to hold it straight. Ground then filed (diamond file) so it would engage the flats. Dusty
  10. Gas tank.
  11. Hay Cliffno350, Are you gonna come through on those pistons? I'm getting pretty close to needing them to do some test fitting. Should I start looking on fleebay instead? Dusty
  12. Ok I'll leave well enough alone. Check your permissions now. Woof
  13. Side note I had a cookover at the in laws and they had an old tiny electric scooter that was being junked and I saw this seat on their. So I took it and tried it on the bike and it looks pretty damn cool
  14. fiberglassed for support
  15. so I wanted a cool bobber light and license plate but didn't know which one I wanted then I saw a 24 oz can of rockstar the yellow can and a broken computer chair base and just like that light bulb. what if I used it as the housing for my tail light and modify the stock light and what if I took the base of the broken chair and cut it up for the license plate holder. here is what I have done so far.
  16. Delete if you want. It don't bother is part of our history as a group now. It will take me a while to do the editing. I typically work 7-7-7. 7am to 7pm 7 days a week. I don't have much time. I usually get about 30 minutes a day for myself.
  17. Do you want me to delete all the stuff I posted about PhotoBucket and Cliffno350s Jackass? Dusty
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