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  1. Yesterday
  2. Yes thrust buttons in the skirt like a AA Fuel Dragster. I will use peek buttons on the wrist pins also. Didn't see the pistons on fleebay Dusty
  3. Last week
  4. PEEK buttons ? is this anything like the S&S teflon thingies over the wrist pin ? OR are these imbedded in the undersize skirt.....the .040 clearance bit , interesting if so . what do you think of the Ohio , EAA pistons on ebay ? I assume they are Taiwanese or fijian
  5. Fits in there purty good!
  6. Top this! I stopped by Joe's Shop Friday a week ago and he gave me this Handy Air Lift. Works like a champ and has a excellent wheel clamp! Only thing wrong was it took me a week and a day to get a hole cleared out for it! Dusty
  7. them H F ones are the ticket for 299!
  8. Yep if you turn them over about 60 rpm or so the lathe dances and they may fly off the chuck. If the mill wasn't down for repairs I might consider it instead. Since the camera caught it that clear I was probably around 30 rpm. Even sq base popped off occasionally. You got no problem with that on the 741 cylinders. and Scouts only seemed to do it with seriously modified engines running hard. Once the welding is done I will take a slightly less than minim cleanup with the boring bar the go to smooth with the hone. To save as much wall as I can then fit the piston buttons to that cylinder. Then the engine will be supported to the frame under the main bearing bosses and loaded from the frame down in the center of the heads. The pistons will have about .040 clearance with 4 PEEK buttons on each side in the thrust face to hold them straight. Dusty
  9. Im just cleaning the rust in shit off a 741 cylinder . bloody heavy little thing . looking at the pics of cyl in the lathe .. crikey that must be considerable off set flying around . george yarocki said sleeving should only be down to the ring wear mark . he had cylinders pop off but then they werent square base either . on knucklehead theology , lees speed shop , instead of boring he hones them round again , squeeze more life out
  10. Just posting an update. Just a few odds and ends left.
  11. This is my second Heeler now. First dog was amazing. This one is a little iffy/skittish about everything in life. Completely opposite of my last dog.
  12. Just wondering about the dog. I have been around Blue Heelers and pretty much my whole life have one now and you dont see them too often so I get excited when I see one. lol Good deal on the controls. I was going to fab up my own but I scored mine cheap and I actually really like them. Bare bones and simple. And thank you. Im a big fan of green so it was only fitting.
  13. She a little Healer/Mutt. Was a recue dog, so I don't know a lot about her. I think I'm just going to strip these forwards down, and rework them. I assembled them and took the bike out for a short run last night. They seem to do the job, they're just not the prettiest. I think a little time on the grinder and they'll be good to go. I like that green a lot. Looks damn good.
  14. Earlier
  15. Looks awesome man! Love that front end. I have TC Bros forward controls on my frame and I like them. I have the universal ones and I have what looks to be the same frame as yours. Guessing that yours is an AMEN Hardtail frame? Mine has been chopped up a tiny bit and made to fit a DOHC. I dont know how well you can see them in this picture. Excuse the dirty bike. Country life and dirt roads. What kind of dog ya got there in the one picture?
  16. Smoothing up the bronze on the bottom of a square base cylinder. Dusty
  17. Check out the BBO threads, lotsa ideas and construction pics there.
  18. So looking at the frame (or any Amen CB frame), does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on putting some forward controls together? I feel like I should replace these ones. They are janky as fuck.
  19. i got one at hf,298 new,cheaper than making one for sure
  20. As long as the weather holds out. Rides on my Dyna are getting shorter this time of year haha.
  21. All right! Need to send in sum on da road pics soon
  22. Motor sounds strong though.
  23. Got it fired up tonight. Just waiting on a few parts so I can get it on the road.
  24. Chrome wont get you home but it seems it's all judges look at nowadays.
  25. Qualified judges are few and far between, especially ones that are handbuilt savy
  26. Gittin there!
  27. Little further.
  28. Show choices were slim. Trike. But all that was store bought stuff with accessories. And they were ignoring me anyway. Bagger. Just not a fit. Antique. It is a registered antique but it is not a restored original for sure. Not a fit. A couple other that just was not a fit. Full custom. This seemed the ticket. Only 4 entered. A stock bike with lots of bolt on chrome bits. A store bought chop. Probably a Big Dawg. A girl with a self made with lots of smaller mods done by her own hand. Some twisted metal, welded links, cut fenders, rebuilt engine with mild internal mods, paint. All done by her. This in my eyes was the only other that qualified as "full custom" Then me with handmade most everything. Just no shiny chrome or shiny paint. Guess what....out of only 4 entries I did not place in the top 3.
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