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  2. Found an old cb200 seat on the shelf before i chop the frame gonna see if i can mod it to fit.
  3. Last week
  4. Pics soon I'm still working at her. Things are a bit more difficult now that I live on the third floor. I've got family visiting in October so finances are tight but after that I should be good to go. Having trouble finding someone to weld up the frame. No fabricator wants to touch it
  5. Looks killer! Makes that frame look much better.
  6. It's healing and annoying the hell out of me. The cast is supposed to come off on monday. In the meantime I've been getting the garage ready for the next project. It's time to start building again. Work has gotten in the way for too long.
  7. nice when your done!
  8. Well....... Most of it is one off also. Lots of self made parts in this one. Why not a tank also?
  9. Pics!
  10. Howz that wrist CC?
  11. Ready for the salt yet?
  12. Howz this one comin along?
  13. Any progress on this creation?
  14. Thatz gonna be a one of a kind tank
  15. Cut it up!
  16. This bike is doing my head in.i have come to the conclusion that to achieve the look i want i am going to have to chop the entire sub frame and make one out of tube.
  17. Working on it ever so slowly.
  18. Earlier
  19. Back to this, now that the sporty chop is gone. I've started planning for the swingarm extension. Can't get bolt on extensions anymore. I picked up another swingarm on egay, it came with all the axles and bearings, but there's a crack in the swingarm pivot. I could take it in to a local shop and have fixed and stretched. Im also seriously considering building my own, but it'd be outa steel, and at least 20 lbs heavier than using the arm I've got. Was as bored today and decided to make my risers. Had two bungs already, made two more, and had some scrap DOM laying around. Came out to 5" risers. Will measure for new lines tomorrow.
  20. There is a 3 section PDF of an Atlas "Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinist Tables" at don't see any edition or version number. It has a white plastic binding.Instructions for changing the V-belt are in an inset on page 16 of the manual.Part 7 of the manual contains the "THREADING SUPPLEMENT to adapt the MANUAL OF OPERATION TO SEARS MASTER CRAFTSMAN LATHES".
  21. Still struggling with some health issues. But did get to hit it a lick today. Cut bent fitted welded a tunnel in that tank bottom. Bottom is nearly done. The top is around 3/4 done. Still have to make the front around the yoke and the tail end at the seat.
  22. little late but nice work thanks for sharing
  23. this looking like a tough little chop hows it looking now
  24. The Yellow with red stripe grounds when you press the button. Try grounding it at the connection to be sure it is getting a solid ground if that doesn't make it crank replace the solenoid. Dusty
  25. Ok I can start her using a screwdriver to jump the solenoid. But when I hit the starter button I get nothing, no click. There are two thin wires going into the solenoid. A yellow and red and a black. Both wires are hot when the bike is turned on. The yellow and red wire cuts off when I hit the starter button but the black stays hot when I hit it. I think this means my button is ok but the solenoid is bad. Any insight into this?
  26. yeah - it does not fit the normal chopper profile with the shocks and banana seat. But it works for me.
  27. Dem some purty welds, I like the hidden box idea
  28. Welding.
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