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    when you have a chance

    could you look at the new section and see what I did wrong


    thank you

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    have they ever said why we can't do mass e-mails?



  5. The finish on them clamps kinda look like cast. Good use of that empty tranny
  6. Yeah those aint cast. I cut them out of 1/2 inch thick stainless steel plate. And yes that is an odd 4 into 2 header. Will be all equal lengths. With anti reversion chambers on each head pipe and on each collector.
  7. Quite an elaborate exhaust system, those cast double clamps look kinda familiar. The exhaust would go there if it was a turbo 350 transmission!
  8. yepper!
  9. Gonna try to do it this August/September.. First to Spokane Valley to see my son and his family then off to the coast to Seattle/Bremerton to see old friends.
  10. Just an update on a coupla things with the ride. (stretched 5" dropped 3") Got it painted and the wiring is mostly finished. Just have a coupla things to do. New 530 chain just arrived and I got yet another seat (not pictured) to try on. Here are a coupla new pics. I will be heading to LACONIA in June if any wish to get together. Will be staying in ANTRIM for 4 or so days
  11. This is sick!
  12. Exhaust is supposed to go in here right?
  13. More header work.
  14. No body ever said it was easy........or maybe somebody did.....
  15. This build has been a long journey so far at times it has been frustrating but mostly its been fun i am making slow progress on my rear section but progress all the same i have learnt alot over the last 3 fab skills are not so great but they are getting better i will post some pics when i get closer to completeing my rear tail section.
  16. its good your working a guy can always goof off. good deal you can build parts at work with good equptment
  17. I like those gold wings
  18. everything looks great!
  19. Looking good!
  20. radiator shop screwed the tank up and had to get another one, other than a few little things to finish....its ready. using the keihin carbs for now, the mikunis will have to wait until i have the time to properly tune them
  21. another pic......
  22. changed to the headlights up a bit.....left side is how it is now.
  23. It is a genuine old school invader welded wheel hand made in the 70s.
  24. First ride of the season.
  25. So Joe did I make a good score?
  26. Hmmmm.....I would rate that as 2 and a half YOU SUCK!!s
  27. Working on some bars for the XS. Also got the engine torn down and will be sending it off to be bored to 700. Making some slow progress. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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