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  1. Well i am building a 1200 special, but. The fun project is going to be this bastard below... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgbbok_DltE complete 89ci S&S sidewinder kit. Fugger is loud, i only opened the throttle about a 1/4 in the vid. Gonna be scary when she drops 100 pounds. Im thinking of calling it the 1450 "express"
  2. No, i didn't snap any build pics on this one. The cover for the bag started out as just that.(a chrome cover) I cut the window out, rolled the inside edges, layed in the screen, then welded/riveted it all together. Only real trick was to do it in an order so i didn't mess up the fresh paint on the tank, or discolor the cover with the heat from welding, since it had to go together pretty much finished.
  3. The guy who owns it now should be bringing by soon, ill get new pics and finish the thread. I never got any good pics of it finished.
  4. Tanks fellers!, Im not much of an EVO or cafe fan, but i tried to do it justice in my own way. Little fuggers a blast. Which one the Chopper or Chopper?... I thought i had build threads on here for these two...
  5. Just finished up my sportster "cafe" project. Was originally just going to repaint and clean it up this winter... but it was a long winter, and this is what i ended up with...
  6. Still ticking, I use it regularly here in the garage. Lots of quick on off jobs, as well as long sessions. Not a single problem yet. Paid for itself 10x over. Would buy it again at the price I paid.
  7. Just have them powdercoated clear.
  8. What he said. I tried sending jack a PM over on the xs garage site a while back. I let him know that i downloaded all the pics and am hosting them on my site. All he has to do is redirect the links in his original posts. I know where the pics go in correlation to his posts, so if anyone gets the OK, ill be glad to reconstruct it all. I just don't want to step on anyone's toes.
  9. Is it a cheapie welder? Some of the cheapie welders i have used with crappy torches would have problems with the gas line to the torch. Take the torch apart and make sure the liner isn't melted or pinched. or that the line to the torch isn't kinked somewhere.
  10. Thats all i have, match that up with the post i referred to above. Below are the flow numbers for the modified Vs. stock heads as ported, and a pic of the gentlemen responsible for all the hard work.
  11. Here are the EXHAUST port pics....
  12. Alrighty here are the pics. I do not have these in proper order most likely, These are pics of the INTAKE ports...
  13. I generally weld 16Ga at about 40 amps on mine depending on the type of weld. What size tungsten's are you using? and what angle are you grinding them at? Both will play a role. Also the joint your welding, if your welding on the edge of 16Ga, then 25 amps will make you move. I do agree though that the welder seems to weld a bit hotter than the amp readout would dictate. Using different angles on my tungsten's balanced that all out for me however. Im still up in the air with the pedal, sometimes i want it, sometimes im just doing some quick welds, and the trigger is nice. I am a bit tired of how big the torch is. really want something flexible and smaller. Other than that, mine is still doing great, gets used a couple of times a week, some days pretty heavy. No complaints really. I did notice though that harbor freight will not accept 20% off coupons for welders, compressors, toolboxes,.. Most of the big ticket items, any longer. So it looks like the days of super deal are over. But i have seen theis welder on sale for $350 sometimes
  14. Here's a great Port and polish post for the XS heads. The pics are all gone but i downloaded them a while back, if you want i can post them up. It shows the finished polished profiles. Just match those and you'll be golden. Here's a sample of the exhaust ports...
  15. Oops, i thought i updated this post. Had one on a finishing forum somewhere. Anyway, the oven works fantastic. No real problems. Ive done a couple of frames in there, they fit with plenty of room to spare. I have pics of frames, tanks, wheels, etc., somewhere, ill upload them.