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  1. Sprocket specialist will make custom sprockets.
  2. They are WR racer bars. I can get you some.. Email me jmgperformance@gmail.com if you want details
  3. where did you locate the longer drive shaft?
  4. I have done several bikes with dual 4 piston sport bike calipers on the rear... It works well was just looking for something with a little different look then going with the larger 4 piston calipers. Don't want a floating caliper either so I know that will also limit my selection...
  5. nice those may work will look into them Thanks
  6. going on a KZ550 was thinking of running a single disk in rear with 2 calipers maybe 3 if i can find some small enough bike will be pretty light
  7. I'm getting ready to start a new build and I'm.looking for some small brake calipers preferably 2 piston calipers anyone think of any I can look for salvage wise don't want to spend big $$ on them.
  8. Definitely can be Done. Hardest part will be extending the drive shaft.
  9. coils could have gone bad fire it up and squirt a little water on the pipes see if all cylinders are firing if not then you can start with checking the stuff on the cylinders that are cold.. Plug wire coil etc... not sure what kind of bike we are talking but if the cylinders are paired coil wise you can usually spot coil issue and 1&4 or 2&3 will be giving you issues Also check coneections are the coils i have had a wire break before so the coil is good just not getting any signal
  10. Yeah customer requested them they worked out great. I made a 2nd set for another customer that untilizes all the stock mounts on frame so they are direct bolt on for 45 frame.
  11. OK I'm wondering what you guys use to store metal... Sheet metal, flatbar, round bar , tubing etc.... Over the years in have tried everything I can think of buckets, shevels filing cabinets etc. I always try to keep all the little pieces as I never know what I'm going to need. This amounts to tons of little pieces also in steel loonynum stainless as well as some brass copper titanium. I think you can see the issue but the main problem is I end up not being able to find shit I know I have which basically makes it usless to have so I'm hoping you guys have some good storage ideas. I getting ready to make a pretty big redesign on my shop layout and hope to integrate a new storage system. Please help.
  12. Just an FYI. The bits carbide/cobalt that will cut hard steel are very brittle so make sure you are using a press that is pretty rigid and not a hand drill as they are really easy to brake with any flexing force.
  13. its a replica Crocker Tail light on the UL similar to the " limp dick" but better looking in my opinion
  14. Hey been a while since I posted. Been busy with life and just don't spend as much time on the forums lately. Been staying busy in the shop with a bunch of antique Harleys lately (for customers) but thought you guys may enjoy seeing. Also I am looking for a shovelhead motor (of course on the cheap or maybe trade ). Anyway if anyone has or has a line on one please let me know. Now back to the pics. First is a little 45 WL 2nd is a 42 ul and last is a 49
  15. This bike is going to be going for sale... I dont really ride much these days and so im clearing out most of my stuff... The bike has been sitting last year or maybe a little longer so it will need some going through... If anyone is interested i can get current more detailed pics as it isnt perfect anymore due to age and use.... If you are email me jmgperformance@gmail.com as im not on here much anyone either.... Will make someone a killer deal if they are from this group