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  1. UPDATE.....Two weeks in and its eating all the rust! Gonna wait one more week and drain it and hopefully wash it and it'll be clean as a whistle and ready to re-coat.
  2. Well thats what I'm hoping for Slime! I'd hate to have to pony up for a new tank and hang this beauty on the wall....that'd be a waste!
  3. Thanks for the help, drinking wise and on the tank. If I screw up this paint I'll need something harder than cider! Currently filled with 3gals white vinegar so we'll see how it works.
  4. Apple cider vinegar or just white vinegar? Should I fill it to the top or about half way?
  5. So I scored a mint sporty tank with super clean paint, problem is the guy let it sit for about 5yrs with ethanol gas in it so the Teflon coating is jacked. Not to mention there is a ton of rust in it also. I dropped about 50 or so 3/8" nuts in it today with straight Pine-Sol and did the hippy shake every 30 minutes or so. Got out a lot of rust but now the Teflon, or what's left of it is blocking the Petcock hole and is still connected at the rear of the tank. What can I use to either dissolve it or break it into smaller pieces so I can save this tank? I don't want to harm the paint because it is super slick! As always, preciate the help.....
  6. thanks CustomizeIT
  7. Yes I did, but I'm not very good at reading greek if ya know what I mean...lol! I'm just not sure where the blue/red wire coming off the relay go. I'll peruse those threads again in hopes of finding how to tie it all together, thanks.
  8. How to wire in a starter solenoid on a previously kick-start only XS. Tore my knee up and kick starting is no longer an option, except for emergency only! I have a keyed switch in place I can use but my relay has blue/red wire coming from the pin, where the hell do they go? thanks for the help...
  9. Anyone know off hand the stock main jet size? I need to lean it out but don't really want to fight getting them out again till I get some different size jets in hand. I know, I'm being lazy cause I gotta pull em anyway but been riding the tread off it since I got the carbs cleaned and back on. Preciate the help!!
  10. That's a cool set up! Move the petcock to the back of the tank and use more fuel. Wish I'd have done it to mine but guess you learn with every build! I just scored a RD350 Yamaha 2-stroke for 2 bills that has been abused. Gonna bring her back to life and see what I can come up with. I really want to do something different with my sporty but can't bring myself to tear it down...lol!!!
  11. click the link for a pic of the sporty
  12. <a href="http://s711.photobucket.com/user/OldSchool79Sporty/media/224.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww118/OldSchool79Sporty/224.jpg" border="0" alt="79 Sporty photo 224.jpg"/></a>
  13. Shovelman, I also have a 79 Ironhead I built several years ago! I don't ride it much but will NEVER sell it! She's kinda like my mistress...lol
  14. I figured it out....they are BS34's on my XS. Got the info off MikesXS.com, guess it pays to do a little research b4 asking a dumb question, lol!
  15. Is there a designation on a Mikuni carb to tell which one it is? Say like a BS34 or BS38? I need a carb slide diaphragm assembly and trying to make sure I get the right one the first time. Thanks for the help.