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  1. I ride the shit out of my Matchless. They are great bikes and the single are cool as hell but finding parts is a bear.
  2. So how does a parts book show you the differences for the parts that you already have? Yes when ordering parts that is good to have but if you have a torn down motor or one that some guy did in his garage for his first time built out of different motors then how is the book going to help you. For instance push rod tubes lifter blocks and head have to match or they leak and sometimes don't go together enough o torque the head correctly.
  3. I had a customer drop one off at my old shop and they are OK at best. I guess for a first time builder they are good but it doesn't cover what you need to do to make them a solid runner and fixing the leaks also how to tell if you have all the right parts in your motor. That is the biggest mistake I see because triumph did minor chages to parts over the year and you have to make sure what you have goes together.
  4. I know I was just kidding . I just finished restoring it for a guy . I do have a preunit I'm doing next that I will be posting a build thread on
  5. Finally I get to build a era correct Triumph bobber with a Pre Unit . The plan is to ditch the ugly front end and go with a DNA springer , Axe and frisco mount the tank , Some 6 bend pull backs , 23" front tire and a OG bates seat ( because I really want it to look like it rode out of the 50's ) so This is what I'm starting with .
  6. It's is coming close . Had issues with chromer and powder coaters . Trying like hell to make it to the1moto.com show next weekend .
  7. Traded my Gorton 81/2 d mill for a Tree 2uvrc mill with collets . Now I just have to fix the DRO sensor .
  8. Here is a pic before we tore it down for paint and powdercoat .
  9. Does the gas cap have a cup built into the bottom . If so looks like BSA or James
  10. Is that a Mono shock ? Looks like it rode straight out of the 80's biker mags .
  11. I'm building this for a customer who wants a specific look . Since the build is on his dime I should have it done in one month so lets see how that goes . Yester day I laced a 21" hoop to the triumph duel leading shoe hub , mounted the tank , made all the adaptors to mount the springer to the triumph frame with the triumph hub and made a set of handle bars .
  12. TR25W are not worth to much . Neat little bikes when they are cheap and running but not worth putting to much coin into that is for sure .
  13. You have a worn kicker gear . Just remove it and file the teeth until you get good action again . The side that doesn't spark , if you disconnect the points wire from the points and ground it for a second with the bike on does it spark when the wire is removed from ground ? If so you have bad points if not point will not fix your problem . See if you have battery voltage at the coil .
  14. Well it did really good for the first 120 miles . Then once in Mex. it started running hot and pinging . Retimed the mag and made it to San Felipe . On the ride back to the states about 12 miles from the border at Tecate the mag bearing gave out at it lost time .