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      If you want to keep this site up I need your help total cost to move this site to Godaddy will be $300.00 this will also include 2 years hosting then the total a year is less than $100.00 verses $937.00 a year come on guys to keep this site going whats it worth to you Carr has transferred the Domain name to me so it will be our site I can swing $100.00 a year can you swing helping with the transfer cost? if not I will close this site at the end of dec But we need to act by the end of this month 8 days to raise $300.00 Your call but don't come bitching to me cause we are shutting down Paypal  thechopperunderground@cox.net WhiteWolf


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  1. You do excellent work my friend! Keep it coming.
  2. The omly similar issue I had with mine just turned out to be a weak battery. Once I changed it out, problem solved.
  3. Looking good!
  4. Your work has come along way. Very nice! One of these days, I'll give it a try.
  5. Very nice!
  6. You do nice work 2wheel.
  7. Just wear long sleeves and a mask when shaping and sanding. That fiberglass is itchy!
  8. I put my Ultra Classis on mine with no issues but I agree with SurlyBoy, I always strap them down. All I need is a bike in my lap. Might be a day or two before my wife decided to come look for me.
  9. Nice work!
  10. Put her in the "For Sale" section and move on to the next one! how much are you asking?
  11. That that's a damn good looking ride! Where is Tuscola? I'm down by Houston.
  12. That's what I'm currently running. Seems to be okay but still clunks.
  13. What.....you're supposed to change that stuff? I use Red Line.
  14. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Can anyone tell me if they are fairly quiet?