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  1. Bump for pics 😀, just realized looking through the thread that it's been three years, holy hell how time flies!
  2. Sick, I can't wait to see this thing come together. My uncle is going to be so happy to see this bike come back to life.
  3. 16" wheel?!?! Sweet! Does it match up with the front? Not sure if you have a buddy that can match the black powdercoating that I did on the stock wheels. And a crew? I feel special . Let me know what you're thinking on the side covers when you get those mocked up, that's one area that I'm pretty paticular on. That and the seat.
  4. Bump - Mid-march - really want to have this thing by May - what's the ETA?
  5. Forgot to mention that yes, the valve cover was only taken off to be polished but obviously that didn't work out and decided to go blacked out instead.
  6. I definitely agree with the electrical system, if the stock is useable then definitely use it, will save a lot of headaches in the future for me. And I hear you about the cold, it has been just about the coldest winter in a long time here.
  7. Any updates? Less than two months from riding season.
  8. Got you on HCTZ or furosemide? I'm glad you're able to be off the statins, they do work very well but a small percentage of people get that nasty joint pain quickly, while a much larger group will take years to feel any leg or muscle pain.
  9. 12 weeks from mid-April, we gonna make the deadline? Not much left to do right 😜
  10. Yea, I looked it up and it said 120, ridiculous how skinny the tires are, a 130 is so puny back there. The way we were talking earlier I thought we had enough clearance for a 150 or so, bummer.
  11. Damn, really? That's so narrow, what's back there now, 110? The royal has a 150.
  12. Yea, spokes are def rounded on the royal.
  13. That's different looking than the one I found online, that's not half bad. Does it match my front wheel at all? I don't event know, haven't seen my bike in years lol I think it wouldn't totally clash, but mine are powder coated gloss black so it would at least have to be painted to match. Not sure if the shaft splines would remotely match up, have to defer to Slime on that one, maybe he'll chime in. Edit- just realized why I saw a different wheel before, the XVZ1200 is a bike from the early 80s, an 08 royal star venture is an XVZ13TFX.
  14. Not a big fan of the look of them personally
  15. Oh gotcha, well good to hear it wasn't an xs wheel, gives me hope that we can still find an 850 or 1100 wheels to use.