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  1. Just posting an update. Just a few odds and ends left.
  2. Well, I finally got some time to start working on a project I've had laying around for awhile. Got the rockers milled out to accept the new front wheel and cleaned the engine up and tossed it back in the frame. I painted the tank slowly over the last month and a half or so. Still need to do the final buff on the clear coat, but it's getting there. Does anyone happen to know the make of the frame? it is setup to accept the original oil bag over on the right hand side, if that helps at all.
  3. This is my second Heeler now. First dog was amazing. This one is a little iffy/skittish about everything in life. Completely opposite of my last dog.
  4. She a little Healer/Mutt. Was a recue dog, so I don't know a lot about her. I think I'm just going to strip these forwards down, and rework them. I assembled them and took the bike out for a short run last night. They seem to do the job, they're just not the prettiest. I think a little time on the grinder and they'll be good to go. I like that green a lot. Looks damn good.
  5. So looking at the frame (or any Amen CB frame), does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on putting some forward controls together? I feel like I should replace these ones. They are janky as fuck.
  6. As long as the weather holds out. Rides on my Dyna are getting shorter this time of year haha.
  7. Motor sounds strong though.
  8. Got it fired up tonight. Just waiting on a few parts so I can get it on the road.
  9. Little further.
  10. Didn't get as much as I wanted done today. Continued to get the exhaust cleaned up, at least enough to run it. Ran a couple oil lines. Checked and cleaned to the plugs, and put the plug wires on. Prepped the rear fender for paint. That's about it. Hopefully I can get the exhaust mounted up tomorrow after work. Guess we'll see how the day goes.
  11. Got a little more done. Oil Tank mounted. Carbs cleaned and re-installed. Most of the wiring complete. Throttle and clutch setup. Ignition wired in. Wiring box and battery tray installed. And some random bits and pieces installed.
  12. Did make a pretty good score going through the parts box that came with the bike. New Dyna S ignition, new coil pack, new rectifier/regulator combo, and various other parts. Anyone wire up the Dyna S on one of these? Haven't done it yet. Sure it's not super complicated.
  13. Been slowly working the Carbs. This bike was stashed around 8 years ago in a garage, and the PO didn't drain the gas. The Carbs are completely lacquered, and goo'd up. Once I get them finished, I'll start getting the wiring going.
  14. Has anyone on here used cerakote on their exhaust? If so, how did it hold up? Found a local guy that will do it at a very reasonable price, so I'm looking into it.
  15. Has anyone on here ran a Mikuni on an Ironhead? I have a VM42, which I know is a bit large for an Iron, but I want to try and run it. I have a polished Branch manifold behind it. I not sure what it was on before, so I'm taking a guess that it'll need rejected. So I was wondering if anyone on here has ran one before, and what their jet sizes where. I'm looking for a starting point. 81 Ironhead VM 42, Branch Manifold, K&N Intake, P Cams(Pulled the Q Cams), Drag Pipes( Lollipoped for Back Pressure) Thanks for any help.
  16. Sounds good. I'll check the needle. Thanks guys.
  17. That's a cool bike. What are you planning for the paint?
  18. Hahaha.Yeah, you're probably right on that one.
  19. How strong do you think that front end is?
  20. What did you pay for the cams?
  21. Thats badass. I've been wanting to do a trike for years. Sooner or later..
  22. When do you have to have it moved. I'm sure I have the room for it.
  23. Just drag it over to my shop, bring a case of beer. I'll chop it.
  24. Got the email off to you. Let me know if you need anything else. More than happy to help out.
  25. I Frisco'd a sporty tank to fit on the upper tube. I welded the mounting bungs into the bottom of the tank to hide the mounting hardware. It didn't look bad, but It also fit the style of the bike.