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  1. frame's separated from the motor entirely. This is how low the hood actually sits on over the motor.
  2. Drums on. Cleaning up the backing plates before installing shoes, springs, etc. Mock up wheels on. Got the motor off the dolly and onto the frame. Now I can design the motor mounts, pull the rest of the original venture frame from the motor. Once I get the mounts tacked together, the frame gets final welded. Gusseted, tubed, etc
  3. Man alive that has to be a beast. 200 ish hp? 180 ish tq around the 5000rpm range? Sounds like you have some pretty heavy duty air cooled motor experience. Fuel injected with the megasquirt to boot! Very. Very. Nice. Well done.
  4. what's the run down on the motor build?
  5. working through this configuration in my head at the moment......passenger is a bit behind the driver. LHD rather than RHD
  6. I was shooting for 96". Once I get the engine in place I'll evaluate if its too long. Besides, Morgan 3-Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Engine S&S 1983 cc ohv V-twin Transmission Mazda 5-speed manual with torque damper Dimensions Wheelbase 92 in (2,336.8 mm)
  7. Thanks! Getting there slowly but surely. Not too sure about the seating yet. Putting more than one seat in this thing makes thc cockpit area so much more complex to figure out. All so I can haul Aimee around every once in a while. Or in case I get another dog as a co pilot...
  8. 102" - tis a bit long. that's a first
  9. mock up pics. no new surprises yet. front wheels/hubs on next
  10. thanks - needs a bit more work before it is road ready, I plan on ribbing or gusseting that sectioned in piece.
  11. seems I never re-posted the swingarm modification. to fit a 15" car tire, I needed to run a v-max rear wheel. Shaft drive pinion spline is the same, however the hub width was wider than the 16" venture rear wheel. After some thought, it was easier to bump out the swing arm than mess with the vmax rear wheel. here 'tis
  12. Snuck up to the shop this morning. Squared up the front and back, then burned everything together. Now Im back to mocking up the frame with the rear swingarm installed, and the front beam dressed with wheels. Once I sort any issues out with that Gonna drop the motor in and create the motor mounts. there are a ton of little additions to the frame that will be made once the big issues are sorted out.
  13. a testament to the notion of seeing something through all the way. always excited to check out this thread!
  14. Cleaned her up at the shop. left a rail on for reference