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  1. This is sick!
  2. Looking good!
  3. First ride of the season.
  4. Amazing score!
  5. Nice. One of these frames is on my wish list. Had the chance to see one of these in person. Very cool.
  6. Sick score. Nice work!
  7. Thanks man. The speedo mount is just the factory mount with the mount ears shaved off and a piece of flat steel bent and welded to the factory mount.
  8. I picked up this girl for a song. It had been converted somewhere along the way to a 1200 but wasn't jetted so it ran like dirt. I made the bars from a set of 1.5" wide z bars. The signal lights were made long ago for my cb750 chop out of conecting rods and exhaust tube. The exhaust was made from 2 2-1's. One was off a shovel head the other off a new wide glide. Even got $50 for the cat of the wide glide one The muffler is off the shovel head exhaust that I cut down and rewarded. The muffler now has a removable baffle. The only other plans I have for her is a set of split tanks when money allows. Here is the youtube video of her running. Cheers.
  9. Bike has a killer stance, and that exhaust is very cool the way it was done.
  10. Very nice work
  11. Looks sick.
  12. That is going to be a nice looking scoot! Higher bars, or dog bones might look good too. The rear fender turned out real nice
  13. Here is the old set up Here is the 810cc
  14. I missed part about the wiring. This is all stock wiring I just added the relay into the mix. I will post that mod here the weekend as well.
  15. Those are resonance chambers off a 2011 Dodge Charger I made a set of baffles out of exhaust pipe that are basically the same as Triumph baffles with all the holes and then swelled the exhaust pipe to keep it tight in the chambers.