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  1. Do what you want, but I would drill with the appropriate drill in a press. Sprockets aren't costly enough to try backyard metallurgy in my mind.
  2. Just go to McMaster Carr (or order from the website) and get a drill for hardened steel. It will cut it like butter and you won't have to worry about heat treat and temper when you finish it the hard way. The drill's aren't that expensive and you can get the precise size you need.
  3. I hope you keep this in the build section so I can see it finished. Looking great so far!
  4. Dude, That is coming along nicely!
  5. Good luck with your wife. The parts will wait.
  6. Looking good!
  7. That is looking nice! Love the rear axle plates.
  8. Yep. That should work just fine!
  9. Looking good!
  10. Mi I'd love to get up your way. I spend so much time traveling for work that it is hard to justify a trip just for pleasure to the missus, Take 57 up and stop in here n pick me up! While you're picking people up....take 90 East to 290 East, then 495 North to 95 North, get off at Exit 157 and grab me....It's only a "little" out of your way. Might as well grab me on the way. Just a short way off of 90 E exit 9
  11. tuned in!
  12. Can't wait to see it rollin' brother!
  13. Dude, I missed a lot "o" shit . I am glad you are OK! Rebuild this thing and umm get a bowling ball! I am tuned in!
  14. Ohhh, I bet it will give you all kinds of action when you ride it. It is damn cool though!