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      ok sooooooooooooo here's the deal I am hoping to have a new hosting site by the end Nov middle of Dec That being said I have had only 2 peeps offering to help support the site So I think those who want to help should hold on to your cash till then. I do not want to take any money and then the site close (cause that would not be right) Many be can find some extra before then so no one has to pitch in. That's it for now Thanks WhiteWolf  


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  1. even being just some factory truimph clip ons? also, i thought i saw somewhere in a thread on a yammy tripple forum that they where 36, i figured if the forks diameter was 36 and i got 35 clip ons its wouldnt be a problem squeezing them on...
  2. yeah, it says 35, im sure 36 will work,
  3. so i have a 79xs750, and to my understanding my forks outside diameter is 36mm? and i found this set of clip ons on craigslist....http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/mcy/2959146846.html how do i find out if these will fit, id hate to waste 40$ and not be able to use them..
  4. was there any difference between the special and the standard mechanicaly or where they just styled different? i havent seen a special if they are styled different,i have a 79 standard
  5. okay, il change that out today, degrease the engine, and if i cant figure it out and end up replaceing all the gaskets il start a build thread.. thanks jeeps..
  6. i would just like to be prepared with a whole kit, just in case, i learned that when i was doing the original 305 in my camaro...
  7. well im only willing to go as far as i have to go to stop the oil leak, he said it was leaking from where the tachometer hooks into the cylinder on the top (left if your looking at the front of the bike, right if your sitting on the bike) but there is oil al the way down to where the cylinder is attached to the gear box on the oposite side,wich also has a pretty steady leak while its running the bike was covered in oil all the back to the shaft, so im assuming its going to be more than a simple o ring gasket or it would have been fixed a long time ago, i dont want to tear into the bottom end im hoping its all in the top, but if i go that far i might as well have a shop do it and check its rotating assembly right? im only 200$ into it and i can ride it everyday, (for now) and i kinda intent on atleast atempting to keep it that way..
  8. okay, and also, id like to get the gastkets replaces as well, where would i find, if possible, an entire kit for the 750 tripple? like gear box heads exhuast.. i searched ebay, maybe not the right worded search?
  9. thank you, i paid 200$ took me about 6 hours to get it that clean, owner before me let it leak a quart every two months for i have no idea how long... that was a mess.. so, if i go universal, do i just use my old brackets off the seat? i found this on ebay was thinking something like this just wasnt sure yet, wanted to look at more options..
  10. Anyone know of any (pretty much) bolt on padded cafe seatpan manufacturers for a 79 xs750? or is that a part that is universal and a retro fit yourself process? building my first cafe bike, what else is there to consider when building one? im not very handy in fiber glass or welding, but i know how to work on stuff, any input is greatly apprieciated.. heres what i got...
  11. looks pretty sweet man
  12. i like were this one is going jeeps..
  13. sexxxi how about this
  14. me on halloween
  15. and i guess we have two MIG welders..