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  1. Got ya, guess I gotta brush up on my cafe racer history. Never knew it was derrogatory till recently. What's so special about the scrambler engine being 270 degrees? I know it has less horsepower than the thruxton.
  2. I have an engine with a pamco ignition in it. So I guess I could mod that one. And it's the opposite. The lights get brighter when I rev, dunno if that makes a difference.
  3. How can I upgrade the charging system? And how much would that cost? I tried looking on mikexs, but only found ignition upgrades... unless that's the kit to get to upgrade the system.
  4. So I had the battery charged and went out riding for about an hour. My gut was telling me to go home, so I did and about a 1/4 of a mile away from my house, my xs650 decides to die on me as I'm downshifting downhill. I tried the starter button and heard a buzzing sound. The engine would barely kick over and I tried the button again and it kicked over a little vbit but then buzzed and all the lights went dim. I pulled into a street entrance and tried kicking a couple times. The engine kicked over barely and I had to rest. So I tried kicking again and it finally started again but then died when I got her to idle. So I tried kicking again with full throttle and she started back up and I rode her home giving her a little throttle whenever I hit a stop light. So what caused all of this? She's a 1981 yamaha xs650 special. I know my left turn signal doesn't work and the headlight isn't on when I turn the key. Only turns on when I start the motor and get it to run. The lights and instrument lights also get brighter whenever I rev higher. I didn't really notice anything else before I start her up on a fully charged battery.
  5. Which bikes would you guys consider modern day cafe racers? The Ducati super sport 1000, and Triumph thruxton are obvious choices. But what about the Buell 1125 CR, the Ducati monster, the Triumph speed triple, the Suzuki SV650? Any others that I'm missing? Would it be safe to say that the modern sport bike/ crotch rockets are now the cafe racers?
  6. Thanks for the links guys. The only reason I haven't made any moves on my xs yet ie b/c I'm still in the process of possibly getting a 1969 bsa thunderbolt project which involves trading my xs650 away. But from what everyone has been telling me recently, it'd just be worth it for me to keep my xs b/c it'll be hard and expensive to restore, and maintain a thunderbolt for someone at my skill level.
  7. Damn sounds like a life of hard work, more respect to ya. Hopefully everything works out for you with your career change. Congrads on the project, maybe I'll know that feeling one day haha. And I hear ya on the snow up in MI, I have family that lives up there too and they send me pics of the snow all the time and it is ridiculous.
  8. It'll be a journey that's for sure... I'll definately look into upgrading my tools if I get the bike. It's still up in the air as far as trades are concerned. He was supposed to visit today, but got out of work late and was gonna catch traffic on the way home. So we agreed to meet on the weekend. If it all works out, I'l end up with the BSA and keep my xs650 haha. But if not, I have a nice little 81 kawasaki kz250 csr that can serve as my bike this season while I build up the BSA. Just gotta get the title for it and get it back in running condition. As for getting into bikes, I'll have to admit that I am into videogames haha. But I rarely play them now a days. I had my ah-ha moment when I got done beating a game and realized that I didn't really accomplish anything at all. Okay, I boosted my hand eye coordination, but what else? I didn't get healthier. I didn't earn any money. I didn't gain any skills. All I got was some virtual medal that holds zero value... can't do anything with that. So I figured it's time to start using my time wisely, pick up a skill, have some stories to tell, and make myself more interesting haha. Now that I earned my degree, and am going for a second one (the job market sucks, so I decided to have a career change now while I'm still young and able) and have free time, why not work on those motorcycles that I saved up for and traded for a year ago? I'm also blessed to have the tons of tools my father left me (He passed away 2 years ago, miss him everyday) and the skills he taught me. Unfortunately they were mostly skills for house work and garden work, but something has to translate over to the mechanical side right?
  9. Oh yeah here's a link to the video, forgot to post it up: http://img291.imageshack.us/i/l1n.mp4/
  10. I know right. It was a good find. Roaming through craigslist and emailing people does pay off. I just have to dust off my gremlin stomping boots and be ready to get my hands dirty.
  11. i'm in the process of doing the trade. he's gonna check my stuff out tomorrow night so we can work out what's getting traded and what he might buy from me.
  12. Here's the pics I took. I'm also uploading 2 videos. http://img830.imageshack.us/g/dscn3507s.jpg/
  13. Love the heat shields. Great work!
  14. Cool, I'll give that a try. Let's hope everything works out and goes my way. I'll keep you guys posted and take more pics of the bike when I see it.
  15. Yeah she looks nice doesn't she? I didn't get to kick it over yet. That's the only thing that worrying me haha. I'm trying to meet up with him someday this week. The good thing is that he's very very motivated to work with me. He had a couple lowball offers already, so hopefully things are lookin good in my favor. That bike just sounds intimidating the more and more you talk about it haha. I can only hope to have all the experience you have on day, paintmegone. I'm just a 23 yr old college kid wanting to get his hands dirty haha. But hey we all gotta start somewhere, and something tells me that if by the graces of God I get this BSA, I'm gonna have my hands full haha.