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  1. It isn't hard to learn to use a left hand throttle. Dusty
  2. Got tired of dreading turning the splines out of those ratchets so I started today. No way I was gonna be able to take an interrupted, cut tool steel wont touch it and a carbide insert wont handle that kind of interruption. So I dug the tool post grinder out and reached in with a 4mm diamond . Left a little of the spline on this one to hold it straight. Ground then filed (diamond file) so it would engage the flats. Dusty
  3. Hay Cliffno350, Are you gonna come through on those pistons? I'm getting pretty close to needing them to do some test fitting. Should I start looking on fleebay instead? Dusty
  4. Ok I'll leave well enough alone. Check your permissions now. Woof
  5. Do you want me to delete all the stuff I posted about PhotoBucket and Cliffno350s Jackass? Dusty
  6. I just tried the wife's account and you are right we are gonna have to have White Wolf or Maxx give you admin privileges for a while.I'll pop WW a note can't see why he wouldn't. Dave
  7. On the One thread that I care about I am starting to replace the please update with a postimg.org link, its not that hard, And the two builds I am proud of I went in and copied all the pages to a CD so I could put them back up anywhere I need to or the grand kids can throw them out when I go.
  8. I tried yesterday and the download libraries is still working on Photobucket so I got the pictures on my desktop to load into Postimg without looking through years of camera downloads. It's still a major pain in the ass!!!
  9. Don't know how but I haven't tripped their limit on embedding but after watching every body else get hit I'm moving to https://postimages.org/ I've tried them a few places and they seem to work well. I didn't even have to do anything special to get them to post on S&S Vintage Tech which is usually picky as shit. We would sure like to see this thread stay alive. Dusty
  10. Bought a closeout rebuilt starter for some jap car in fleebay for $14.59 to make my starter out of. Turned the nose cone off and machined a bearing holder to slide into what's left of the nose come. Damn thing ran backwards so I had to rotate the brushes a quarter turn. Next time I get the desire to work with something harder than a carbide tool I'll make this ratchet fit the starter and the one just like it fit the transmission shaft. I'm trying out Postimg.org since everybody is having troubles with photobucket. Dusty
  11. It's a Yamaha but the same type of ugly assed three tube frame. I slid a slightly larger tube over the factory tube. Then clipped the two lower tubes ans bent them until they became fairly attractive braces. then I added a center post to stiffen it up. And the hard tail of course. Dusty
  12. I prefer to open a Photo Bucket account then copy the img link address right into the body of the message. This will work on all web sites as far as I know. If you insist on uploading them, at the bottom left of the reply window next to the paperclip you can drag photo files or click choose files but you are way limited in file size this way. With the img file link you can post lots n lots I have never found a upper limit. Dusty
  13. Yous pictures doont work so gooder. Dusty
  14. In place and rattle wrench tight. Dusty
  15. Cutting the threads. Testing the fit. Parted it off with the narrowest cutoff tool I have. That way I got 3 nuts. A parting tool would have made 2.