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  1. Slowy getting there. I'm still waithing on some parts to finish the engine. Fitted some racing cams ,lnew pushrods , bearings , bushes , high comp pistons. The cilinderhead is being prepaird with bigger inlet valves and new exhaust cams. It seemed the head was allready grinded to gain higher compression.... Next week the rest of the parts will arrive , can't wait
  2. Saturday I'll start working on the engine...
  3. So I got the frame and stuff back from the powdercoater. If cleanened and polished all the engine parts and I'm waithing on a few parts to start and rebuild it. Tomorrow I'll be picking up the shortend forks and put her back on her wheels....
  4. Update, all the tins are brought to the painter , frame and part to powder coater. I made a cranckshaft pinion puller and took the rest of the engine apart.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Not much has happened in the meanwhile . Got the seat back today...our buddy Staf did a great job again.
  6. I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible. That's why the rear fender (but actually I like the look of the tail whoop and rear 16" wheel (which was also on there). I got a Brigestone enduro tyre. It's not the plan to use it for heavy offroad,.but for some gravel roads and.... The enginge will be rebuild with racing cams , maybe lightend timing wheels and a primay belt/alloy clutch kit. Nothing to fancy....
  7. That's why i have no kids and 3 Triumph's
  8. Today I mounted the oiltank , rearlight , liscence plate and a dual coil. Also got some work done on the engine.
  9. I'm sorry I went for the tracker/desertsled/scrambler style check out the builders logs section....
  10. update : the seatpan is ready and I changed the headlight, muchos betteros I ordered a triumph oiltank....and cleaned the carb
  11. You mean like my pre unit
  12. The bike wasn't Original, the parts are very hard to find and very expensive. over here. I want better suspension and brakes so the era thing allready went wrong with the front end. I was thinking maybe a rectangular board like the flattrackers....
  13. So We've got a new project. I've bought a triumph chopper which stood around for 20years and was in a real bad shape. I was thinking to build a '70s style chopper but the costs would be to high. Because I've allways driven motor cross I've decided to go this way. We've used a showa ups front end (which needs to be shortend) from a Husqvarna. A gas tank from a old novy motor and rebuilded the rear frame. I need to get some longer shocks. The engine is allready taken apart and parts are ordered. I'm not sure if I'll keep the headlight and numberboard this way, What do you Guy's think?