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  1. Here in Missouri, you not only need proof of purchase for every part, but for used parts you must provide a photocopy of the front and back of the title for the bike it came off of, even if it was purchased out of state. They're making it nearly impossible to build a custom bike here. Is this why it's known as the show me state?
  2. This is my current build project here at Back Porch Choppers, dubbed Magic Carpet Ride.
  3. Here is one I built a few years ago dubbed Twisted Sister. I sold it to my brother and it is currently in back here at Back Porch Choppers being built again to his style. Little back ground on it. It's a 1951 Pre Unit frame modified to accept a 1968 Unit TR6C.Modified neck with 42 degrees of rake and a Harley neck tube, extended the factory rear hard tail 6" and molded the frame.
  4. If I can help you with anything man feel free to hit us up at backporchchoppers.gmail.com, or you can PM me here. Larry Back Porch Choppers
  5. Your engine was built in April of 1978. My advise to you is this to have a cool little chop. Go on E bay and buy an unmalested T140 front loop. Then you can order a bolt on or weld on hard tail section from companies such as David Bird, The Factory metal works, or Choppahead they all offer different stretches and drop to satisfy your wants and needs. Or you could send the front loopto an indy shop (shamless plug here) like Back Porch Choppers and we can build you one welded or bolted which ever you want. Anyway you chose you have a good frame with good numbers, no title or insurance problems.
  6. blipside, I am almost positive that is a home built frame and this is why. Any reputable frame manufacture or reputable welder of that frame would've put a frame gusset at the backbone and center down tube. There is a weak spot there if you run head steadies. Also that's a Harley style neck. Those also are not Triumph frame numbers. For the life of me I want to say I've seen that frame before but can't remember where. I could be wrong it may be aftermarket but if it is it's poorly done.
  7. Thanks guys, We got a lead on a full on chopper frame build. If it happens then Back Porch Choppers will have generated some income and since I have no overhead except materials it's all profit that is choppa bound.
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to stop in and say hey to anyone watching this thread. Progress right now is slow I'm trying to get the money together to buy the parts for the engine rebuild. Although I've no pictures to post, I can tell you there are some big things coming for this engine rebuild. I'm really stoked on my plan for this the only thing from the motor that I'll be using is the cases of course, the head but it's getting some work done, the crank, the cam gears and the tranny everything else will be new. So here is my plan. Margo 750cc big bore kit, balanced crank shaft, head will be rebuilt with larger exhaust valves, new cams from mega cycles, new tappets and followers, Bob Newbie belt drive, Joe Hunt magneto, new push rods, a new set of connecting rods from Map Cycles, Margo oil pump and a new set of Amal 930s. I hope just by reading this you guys get as excited as I am. When the money is together and the parts are all here I'll take lots of pics of the rebuild. She's going to be fast and loud.
  9. It's a jet on a carb meaning fuel passes through it on it's way to the combustion chamber, if it is clogged that means no fuel is passing through it concluding a lean mixture.
  10. would the dirty pilot jets cause it to run lean? Yup.
  11. I can promise you just from the blue pipes and the symptoms you have said. It's dirty pilot jets. Buy the pilot jet cleaning tool from classiccycleinc.com just cleaning the cleaning the carbs and spraying carb cleaner wont help. But go ahead and try everyone does then they buy the tool.
  12. CONN.RODD, I wish I could but I'd need a lathe or a CNC. He can buy them from Paugo though.
  13. Oh yeah guys, We are calling our selves Back Porch Choppers and are tooled to the teeth here so if you need some fab work done (sissy bars, bars, battery boxes, narrow a fender or a tank for you or even rebuild that old Triumph mill for you) hit us up.
  14. Couple updates from Back Porch Choppers. My oldest and truest Bro, Tie Wire has signed on to help out and has acquired a project of his own dubbed The Arrogant Bastard. It's actually a hacked up 1951 Triumph frame I picked up a few years ago and had started on before The Magic Carpet Ride came along. Anyway here are the details of The Arrogant Bastard. 1951 pre unit frame that I modified to accept a unit mill, stretched the ass end 6", replaced the old triumph neck with a Harley neck and gave it 42 degrees of rake leaving the numbers intact. This frame was and still is in bad shape but we will see how she turns out. Here are some pics for you grease balls.
  15. what a weirdo, no flake.