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  1. Chrome wont get you home but it seems it's all judges look at nowadays.
  2. The amount of thought and planning in that trike just boggles my mind. So glad you are sharing the build with us thank you much!
  3. Thanks for posting that and all the others
  4. Get yourself one of those hondamatic things and put the throttle on the left.
  5. Will give it a try thanks
  6. I would imagine 15 w 40 would also work in evo's ?
  7. Speed holes make everything better!
  8. Awesome! I think there is not much that is better than that first ride of a bike that you build from a pile of parts.
  9. Rode to work today started raining about 10 mins before the ride home turned to hail part way home sun came out when I pulled into driveway. I love January rides! also blasting with baking soda rules.
  10. A storage device for the snap ring?
  11. The same but different
  12. Just offhand I would say you need a longer bike lift!
  13. I have had no real problem welding stuff that was tackwelded by someone else. lots of times I just redid the tacks if they were really messed up and if I was uncertain if the part had moved during transport I just get them to bring in the mating part.
  14. If Maxx likes it do that mean it has enough rake?