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  1. Ran across this and figured I'd update. Won't be getting a chance to finish this one. Owner decided he didn't want to pay any more than the $2k he had invested already (that included $1k for the donor bike) so he came and got it and is now in the process of tyring to sell it and recoup his costs. Good luck with that one. Case closed. Onward and upward!
  2. There's a .100" hole through the center with an 1/8" stone filter in the bottom for venting. Wasn't installed on these yet cuz I ran out.
  3. Thanks. The gas caps all thread in with a 12pitch thread and an oring seal.
  4. Nothing real fancy, but it's the o my Chopper worthy thing I've accomplished the last 3 months. Lol Oh...I turned a set of stacks for my kawi650 project too.
  5. I can deal with that. Suicide Girls fkn rock!
  6. Well, seein as how there's no BBO this year, I'll just start a build log for this one. Picked this up earlier this summer with plans to build a frame and do my normal chop style on it. Now I'm thinking I'm going to try something different and do more a drag inspired build with it. Plans are to use the Ninja swing arm and wheel that are on it, fab a stock length girder front end with clip-on bars and a wild paint job. In the process of getting it running now. PO was a drag racer and said the head on this is ported and polished and completely rebuilt for racing in "stock" class. We'll see. Apparently has a lumpier cam in it as well. HAven't gotten much farther than pulling the carbs off to go through them so far. Surprisingly clean inside. Machined up a set of velocity stacks last night at work for it. Think those are gonna be the cats ass!
  7. Looking good. Didn't yer buddy Motorcycleguy warn you bout the goofy angled neck post? Lol Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  8. Well, it may be 4 months past the deadline, but she's finally up and roaring again! http://vid154.photobucket.com/albums/s245/Sody54/VID_20150810_1602537351_zps6txnlkjt.mp4 Can't get the vdeo to embed for some reason so you'll have to click the link....
  9. Same as it was back on April 27th but a little dustier. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  10. Progress has been virtually nil since my last update. Got my shift and brake linkages done and that's about it. I need a couple more days added to each week. Just for a month or so. :brickwall: :brickwall:
  11. Finally got us a roller!
  12. Sumbitch pinches down now!
  13. The slots arent milled through Dave.I was thinking about cutting them through, but being loonynum, I wasn't sure how that would affect the overall strength.
  14. Starting to look like a bike!! Ran into a pretty bad snag today. After stripping the powder coat off the forks my spring clamps and top tree pinch points won't tighten up. Not sure how I'm gonna go about fixing this one yet. Oh, and before anybody says anything. The red flake grips are going bye bye. Took a chance on them matching and it didn't pan out. For the price, it was worth the gamble though. Probably go with a set of white ones instead.
  15. You using Tapatalk?