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  1. About once a year I force myself to sell all the scrap that I just can't look at anymore. It forces me to really evaluate what I have in the "Hope Chest" of metal scrap. A lot of it stays, most of it goes. knowing that it's going to the scrapper also encourages me to keep it somewhat organized- - different metals, different values. But the thing that makes this really work is that I am always collecting metal racks/displays from the shopping center. It makes it worth the trip.
  2. ...and rebuilt,,, and rebuilt... and rebuilt....
  3. Point of order, you worked on the carbs- only carbs will determine if they are fixed.
  4. and rebuilt,,, and rebuilt... and rebuilt....
  5. Did your wife also buy life insurance recently? TCU member and custom bike builder, Joe Wiseguy (Who doesn't post on this site much now) has made an adapter to go from to pain in the ass carbs to one. And that one could be something other than a virago carb. That seems the best way to get around the weak link in the virago system; the Carb.
  6. Put an answer up in your other post. Come on Slime.... Virago's are fun when they are running. The virago I had set the bar so low for ease of operation that my Shovel seems pretty easy.
  7. Is the petcock original or has it been changed? I had a 700 that was a vacuum assist petcock. It's been awhile but I think that part of that is what is going on in that cover on the left side. A vacuum hose is connected to the front cylinder and creates suction on the line that pulls gas out of the tank. The original petcock is set that it requires the suction to pass gas. (no pun intended). If that has been changed to a free flowing petcock then more fuel than it could handle could be pulled out of the tank. I was incredibly frustrated with the Carburetors by the time I sold the bike. they were constantly filling up the crankcase with gas.The first time I cleaned the carbs It took me a day to figure out how to get the bastards loose, then another two to figure out how to get them out of the frame. By the time I sold the bike I could do jerk those puppies out in about 45 minutes. I'm not saying that you are in for a lot of work, but my virago makes my Shovel look like a low maintenance vehicle.
  8. Hey, your bike shrunk too!
  9. I welded on one tank that I was sure had been used. I wash the inside of that with plenty of degreasing soap repeatedly (think Dawn. if it cleans baby ducks at oil spills then it should work on my tank). Then I carefully put a match in just to see. When no reaction happened I proceeded to cut and weld as needed. My tank had a bit of rust in it. Thinner metal from rust made for lots of blow outs to repair. Once I got it all together I looked for leaks with water. The prep that Dusty mentions is probably way safer. If you are feeling... .... ...adventurous, I have heard of people denying the spark oxygen by filling the tank with an inert gas; say maybe a second line from the Argon tank. But there are some folks that will turn on the car and run a line from the exhaust to gas tank. That seems like it would be hard to control if you are cutting the tank in half. There's aught to be lot of oxygen that could find it's way in when it's cut in half. When I started writing this Joe and Slime hadn't replied yet. It took me that long to find the below links. this is one time I did some welding on a tank. http://www.thechopperunderground.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69996&hl=%2Bgas+%2Btank Here is another tank I modded a little. https://www.facebook.com/ward.swann/media_set?set=a.758928734120650.1073741827.100000105919292&type=3
  10. That's good news!
  11. Want to keep an eye on this one. I've done a little of work on them and may be able to help. It's nice spending someone else's money....
  12. Ah! I thought you had some Houdini shit going on. He's not wrong about the brakes. To go fast you have to be able to stop faster. I like the bike over all
  13. Sweet man! What runs the electronics?
  14. So I'm catching up on BBO post and cruising down through the post and picts then I come to the Header..... Woah!
  15. That's alright. God needs Choppers too.