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  1. OK, so I've got this gold wing with brake problems.. rear brake sux... needs rebuild of the master cyl. and brake caliper. it's an early 80's model, so it's a 2 piston caliper. all rusted, n shit. trying to get pistons out and rebuild master cyl. I received the caliper rebuild set I bought on eBay today, but am having a hard time getting the pistons out.. they are all corroded n stuff. I've tried muscling them out,,,,,, no good. so I am soaking them in "carb dip". the on gallon can of carb cleaner. more to come........ any suggestions welcome
  2. Nice welding table.. well done.. I love free.. most of my shop is.. used metal siding on sides and top too.. lights/ extension cords for wiring, good stuff.. I'm "recycling".. actually I'm f*c%ing cheap. anyway, well done.
  3. awesome, thanks
  4. thanks, I'll look into it.. what would you suggest? I didn't realize they weren't manual.. I gots lots to learn..
  5. latest greatest pic.. What do you think??
  6. so the way it acts... good pull up to almost half throttle, then I can pin it and it starves(I think), so I let off and it hits a sweet spot and rockets. also works way better if I leave choke on when traveling at any speed, and helps ALOT with acceleration. I'm thinking larger main jets?
  7. right on , I look foreward to seeing it.. this thing is pretty fun.. when I can figure out the carbs, I'll be totally lovin it
  8. hi guys.. just want to get a 2nd opinion here.. I have an 88 heritage I'm putting new gaskets on top half of engine. Got james gaskets, and some say not to use gasket goop.. but I should use hi temp stuff though for the "just rubber" pieces right? also loctite blue.. medium for everything? even head bolts? and the head bolts are 1/4 turn after they hit 14 ft lb torq. good enough? I can't find a number for torq on the bolts within the rocker boxes.? any ideas? I think that's all.. thanks.
  9. UPDATE?
  10. Yea, got that one.. it was easy.. Sprocket nut on the other hand.. NOT left hand thread.. I busted it, SOOOO ... anyone know how to get that appart after the sprocket nut busts at the crank pin.. inside the spline's?
  11. 1-1/4 sprocket nut.. Jezus man this thing won't come loose.. 1987 +/- heritage trying to get sprocket nut loose. is it really supposed to be that tight? I'm just trying to get to the shift linkage to the tranny..........
  12. set valves at.005, intake and .01 exhaust. didn't work, so took heads off to make sure I hadn't bent a valve or something.. all ok, but realized valves wrong.. re did, and now goes up to 40mph.. YEA.. rode to work one day. not fair at 6am to wake everyone on a little island, so .. cuts out about 1/2 throttle.. I put air cleaners in, worse, so took them out. now maybe some back pressure? any ideas peoples???
  13. Yea, so um... looking at valves.. I unscrewed the tappet screws about 3 turns each just to get the valves closed. u think that will make a difference? and anyone know valve clearance spec's?
  14. OH man. I can't wait to get workin with mine.. that stuff loooks great.
  15. JEZUS man.. thats awesome..