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  1. pre unit is single row chain and 67 is double row
  2. cand g ,aee made repop mustang tanks back in the 70`s some with ribs some wit out
  3. hey i have a 67 orm 68 frame and motor ,bsa 650 matchin numbers thanks,that pre unit stuff is more my speed how about a 1951 plungerframe and motor i think its a 500 preunit bsa
  4. hey i have a 67 orm 68 frame and motor ,bsa 650 matchin numbers
  5. damn it im from orangevale witch was 5 miles from where they made the c and g frames i got a new one a buddy bought and never used that i still have i gt it 1979 it is totatl dif from your frame u claim is a c and g ,back then so many builders in sac area you never knew what you were gettin \
  6. hell they all look good .
  7. thats bad assed ....good job
  8. i been weldin about 16 years and 3/4 fillet weld with 035 wire is abit much 1/4 single pass is about all u should do
  9. use 75/25 like sody said
  10. i mig weld for a livin doin structual steel fabrication. slow down use both hands to steady .those welds look like u were tryin to move it let it flow