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  1. Ok, pulled the starter last night and plugged the hole. Need to find a tool pouch for the cavity left by the starter. Stator looks brand new so I'm hoping it isn't the issue. I didn't get a chance to test the other components. Gaskets won't be here till Friday anyways so the bike simply won't be done in time for the ride at Carr's place. Sucks but I'd rather do her right than deal with problems later cuz I rushed it. We have plans to go to Nashville later in the year and I want her right for that trip too. So the pressure is off, which is actually pretty nice lol. I've been hammering on it for so long it's nice to slow down. Might even re-wire with the correct colors when I get back lol. So for now it's waiting on parts and researching stuff on the XS400 forum. I'll be back on her as the parts come in and updating regularly but probably wont do too much till next week.
  2. Ok so I haven't updated this in a while. New tank leaks, ruined paint and poured gas all over the electrical box....flippin sweet. Got that all dried out and put the sporty tank back on. Been running through the carbs, bike will idle and rev up fine but has no ass when you put it in gear and let the clutch out, she just dies. Put on a brand new clutch cable and adjusted it, good firm pull on it too. Still no ass... So I drained to oil, popped off the cover and took the clutch apart, gonna replace the friction disks but my good calipers were at work so all I had was the plastic ones from harbor freight. They did measure thin and I doubt they are off by .3mm but the manual says they are supposed to be 3mm and to replace them at 2.7mm so they are getting changed out. Better safe than sorry and I'm already in there anyways. Gonna have them overnighted if I can. I also have a drain on the battery while the bike is running so the charging system isn't working. I'm hoping this is because of the starter solenoid or the way I wired it. (not my strong suit) I'm gonna pull the other cover off and remove the starter and solenoid tonight so she'll be kick only. Hoping that solves my electrical drain but can't test it till I get the clutch back together and fresh oil in it. If not it's the starter and solenoid its the regulator or the rectifier no doubt and I won't be able to get those parts in time. I'm trying to have this done to take to moonshine at Carr's this weekend. I'm gonna work tens this week and take Friday off. At this point I'm throwing the book at her, I might fail to get her going in time but if that's the case I'm gonna go down in flames trying.
  3. New tank came in yesterday, new caps should be here today or tomorrow. Gotta pick up a set of pod filters, local shop with have them in Friday. Got a couple small fab things to do but hoping to ride her Saturday if the weather permits.
  4. Got an issue with the lights but pretty sure I know the fix, just gotta do it. Need to get some 2" pvc pipe to fit in the h-pipe so I can clamp down the pod filters better and see if I can pick up 147.5 jets locally but... she's running.
  5. Ok so the wiring is done (Thank you Laddie) save for the rear brake switch. Pretty sure its bad as I wired it to the blue power wire from the ignition and the white wire for brake light off the light. Even flip flopped the wires on the switch, though I'm 99% sure it doesn't matter which side you hook up to. I do have running light and I know the brake light works cuz I tested the light before I put it on. Ordered a new brake switch that should be here Saturday. Also ordered a 3.3 gallon mustang tank and some new gas caps for it, hoping it won't look too big on there. I just hate the sporty tank the more I look at it. Might need to up the jet size from 145 to 147.5, the 150's from the kit were too much. Tried to get it to kick over last night but all I had was year old gas from the lawnmower and by then it was getting late so I went to bed. Gonna pick up some fresh gas and try again tonight. So freaking close right now....ugh
  6. Looking good, keep that knobby up front too!
  7. Started the carb re-jet last night and quickly found one of my floats is bad so I ordered another. Stock jet size is 142.5 and the kit I ordered comes with a set of 145's and 150's. I put in the 150's since I'm running pods and no muffler. I did put a baffle in the pipes to gain a little back pressure though. I'm hoping I won't need 147.5 jets. So I'm waiting on that and the tin I plan to use as an electrical box to show up. Gonna clean and paint the carbs and layout the wiring a bit in the meantime.
  8. Thanks man, that's the drive gear off an SR500 I had laying around ;-)
  9. Forward controls are done. Might change the linkage on the brake side so it follows the bottom frame rail but for now they work and I wanna move on to electrical and carbs. I'm also gonna get some rubber hose and slide it over the levers for a bit of cushion.
  10. Yeah, I cut it out but I put it back lol
  11. Pics from last night, got the headlight and front fender mounted and started looking at forward controls. Rough wrapped the pipes too, still gotta wet 'em down and re-wrap 'em. Probably gonna fab up a top motor mount as well, the guys on the XS400 site are pretty adamant I need one...
  12. Thanks man. Gotta pick up the seat tonight and go hunt for a box. I moved this weekend so nothing has been done on the bike. Did get to see it on the ground though.
  13. Sick, those pipes are super sexy. Very nice build!
  14. Thanks man. Got the motor in, made the new kicker deal, welded up the headlight bracket and mounted the coils. After I got the chain on I realized my electrical box is too big, stupid mistake. My old man is on the hunt for a new box today so hopefully he finds something 1/2" narrower, I'd prefer not to have to make it at this point. Nothing real exciting but I did cross a few more things off the list I guess. Going to try to paint the headlight bucket, front fender and a few other small things tonight, possibly work on the carbs.