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  1. I second Dusty! Whiskey helps your mind get straight so you can really figure things out.
  2. I used the single stage a few years ago. Nothing like chrome. More like a dull loonynum. Check out this link for tons of pictures. Anything you see loonynum was coated. I think I even have a shot of handlebars where I masked them off to see the difference. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/car99r/library/1978%20XS650E%20Rebuild
  3. Some more pictures of the sprocket setup, how I got there and chain clearance issues
  4. Anyhow, I worked the other day on getting it up on the lift. I also worked on getting a sprocket put together that I believe will work. I have some very close clearances but I am going to run it this way with a good chain. I do have an additional 77 motor sitting in the floor and if all else fails I can build it up and swap them out down the road. Nothing really on the bike that I cannot change easily if I have to do motor swap. Looks like the next step is getting fender rotated back because the chain is hitting. I had the fender put on when the frame was built and wheels mounted. Probably should have had them wait until I had chain on to make sure clearance was there... Lesson learned but we will get it fixed. [/url I will try to keep this thread updated throughout the winter as I work on this thing. I have 2 builds going at the same time and I seem to lose focus... haha
  5. Just starting to get some time to work on this thing. I did get the engine set in place a few weeks ago, stuck some bars on it and started working on sizing up that seat I mentioned earlier. The seat will need narrowed quite a bit. The bars are just some I had on the shelf. They feel great (although need wider) when setting on the bike but look too tall for the lines... Will continue to look for better ones. Here is a quick picture. I am working on securing a 5/8" offset drive sprocket to avoid running a jackshaft right now.
  6. WOW! I thought I had a build thread on here with this one but I guess not. So, the story goes, I did some trading to end up a with a NOS Finch Cyclops Springer right out of his shop. I wanted to build a bike around it. Fast forward a few months and after selling shit loads of extras and some shop labor I was able to afford a Cycleone Frame. Just happened to be that Red and Kate was headed my way for my annual Moonshine Lunch Run weekend so I gave them some money and my beloved frontend to take home with them. I told Red I wanted curved downtube and stretch to it. Rest was up to him! He didn't let me down as he made a badass frame that sits perfect and looks great for her. This was a teaser pic from Red while working on it... and here she is setting on some blocks in Red's yard. (the frontend looks odd towards the bottom but that is because it hs basically hanging with no weight on it) I managed to get a good deal on a tank from a friend of the Flatlanders and snapped a pic to see what it would look like. I like the way it sets on there so plan to use it. I did get in an internal fork stop set and got it installed. I also had to send the top tree up to choppersprocket and have him do some minor modifications to it for mounting of handlebars. The holes were on 3.75" center and only 3/8". They will now be 3.5" on center and 1/2" through holes. Then I will be on a search for bars that feel good on it. While the frame was being built I set out to get the power plant done. Went through and checked and set valves and replaced a bunch of gaskets. I also got her all prettied up for her new home.
  7. I'm with you. Big pile here and there... A storage system would be great!
  8. Got it drilled using some carbide bits. She is on and looks good.
  9. Got it done! I got my hands on a a few good carbide drill bits. I was able to get through it on the drill press, nice and slow with lots of fluid. 1 bit did both holes but I dont think it would do another one... haha
  10. Thanks guys! I got a guy who says he has some bits that will do the job. If not then I am stuck with trying to anneal it. I will keep you all posted.
  11. Jeepurz mentioned possibly a chainsaw file chucked up in drill but I looked and didnt have one. Going to do some more searching on Monday.
  12. No wood stove here either... haha I just need to holes that are threaded for 6mm bolts drilled out to allow the 6mm bolt to pass through. You would think this would be an easy process but I have burnt up every bit I own trying to get it done. I do not have carbide bits and afraid to go drop the 30.00 on one only to burn it up as well... lol
  13. Anyone ever play around with this? Do you think a MAP gas torch would get a sprocket hot enough to drill out the two threaded holes in it? I do not have access to a kiln or anything.
  14. Damn it... YOu think there is a shim or spacer that goes behind stator? I dont recall off hand but I would think all the stators would be same width.
  15. Bars are done and now it has a set of big meaty apehangers on it. Not sold on them yet. Everything else looks the same just a few dings and scrapes on her.