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  1. i understand good craftsmanship, and good machining. all the maths is like blablablablurblerbladybaboo. skills of some of the builders here is just amazing
  2. awo is a modernisation of the good old BMW r25 single, build in eastern germany before the wall fell. some very nice customs where build by the DDR youth back than. most of them sadly disapeared. or got used for parts to restore others back to original. drove a truck few times to DDR when borders opened to get classic cars from there, should have bought the custom awo bikes too. lots of them got wieghed in for scrap cause they could buy jap bikes cheaper. todays prices for a bare restorable AWO are quite high
  3. thats why i sold the green although that was a california to start with. replaced it with a track bike: ducati pantah 600sl. minimal build with heavily tuned engine. goes like even more stink and on curvy tracks rides circles around modern bikes
  4. guzzi and long distance rides? no problem at all from technical aspect. although the LM and such arent that comfy that green one i had was a back breaker, went like stink though. (electronic ignition, cams, heads ported, bigger valves 1000CC, lots of weightloss and balancing in drivetrain, and close ratio gearbox, 100-ish HP and shitloads of torque)
  5. love guzzi's. drove this for two years. build by me and good friend of mine,
  6. to bump old on. look for AWO to find more on this little gem. its a AWO/simpson, not a sunbeam
  7. treid bending the botom frametube today. bolted a brakedrum to the workbench wich has close enough radius. filled tube with dry sand, heated it up and started bending. worked well till last little bit. tube collapsed. i guess sand not packed enough, fail. will try again. lesson learned i think for more experienced framebuilders: if i bend the main tubes and lay them flat on the workbench, shim them for different tubing sizes to be centred and clamp them, would that be close enough as jig or a no go?
  8. i always thought the horex regina engines as one of the most beautifull single cilinders around. shame they are quite expensive.
  9. used in a german movie. cool little bike
  10. those motobecane/berini mopeds dont cost much, got one for free actualy. good solid little engines though. this will be experiment on shoestring budget. will scratchbuild the frame. use at least the hubs from the moped and the engine/transfer pully thingie, wich was what made the lightbulb in my head glow cause it looked simular. friend is making chain/sprocket set to replace the pully/belt to make it look more as an old driveline.
  11. i might could do that, but budget is extremely low. i do have one bigger rim for front, think ill use that one
  12. ik glad im not the only one seeing the simularities in the driveline. needs bit scaling down since the wheels are bit smaller of the moped. im going to use them too along with the stock forks for now. if the frame turns out nice i might make a simple girder fork. will be fun project to do anyway. got the moped for free out of a skip. frame of the DKW isnt that complicated so i think i can pull it off without a massive frame jig.
  13. well, it is chop what you got right? so i have one of these mopeds: and i have inspiration like this: and a pile of tubing, a welder and some spare time. thought the driveline looked kinda simular, but that could be caused by a few beers Pascal