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  1. The tank has some dings I need to fix, so I will likely paint it. Thinking basic black, white scallops with red pinstripes.
  2. Did a little extension on the shifter, now I can actuallt get my toe under it.
  3. Finally got the rest of the parts I ordered, gas cap, ignition switch, Parts are actually for a 250 Rebel, but I made em work, Had an old seat in the rafters, not a great fit, but it's a place to sit. Probably make a tractor seat for it though. Only 9200 miles!
  4. I swear that is the biggest POS tail light I have ever seen. Who ever thought automotive dome lamp bulbs were suitable for use on a motorcycle deserves a special place in hell. Started troubleshooting the brake light, where before it would not turn off, now it won't go on. Pulled the lens off and the bulb used for the brake light had disintegrated from vibration. Popped another on in and got to work on the brake lights. Incorrect front brake lever wouldn't hit the switch, so I stuffed some wood in there for now. Got a hardware store spring to activate the rear switch. Brake lights now work! Just waiting on ignition switch and gas cap, both had the locks punched out. Ripped around the neighborhood in the sunshiney 40 degree weather today, it's a fun little bike to ride. Gotta keep telling myself I have to sell it when done.
  5. Got the starter clutch installed, then the solenoid took a crap :/ Worked on the wiring a bit more, removed all this mess... Fortunately, the stock wiring wasn't butchered too bad, installed a toggleswitch for temporary ignition The (fake) billet tail light looks cool, but the wiring was ridiculously undersized. Yes, that is a melted wire Brake light is stuck on due to the front brake lever being incorrect and cobbled. Need to get a spring for the rear brake light switch. Details, details...
  6. My dirtbike days are all behind me now....
  7. Removed all the garbage wiring today. Surprisingly, very little damage to the stock wiring other than a busted ignition switch. The starter clutch decided to somewhat function today so I was able to get it started up. Put a clutch cable on from my parts stash and took it for a little putt around the block. Trans shifts good, either the forks or the handlebars are tweaked a bit, and the speedometer does not work. Battery is toast, brake light does not work. Took apart the billet-ish custom taillight to see what was up, what a piece of crap. There are two type 212 dome lamp bulbs in there, one for park light and one for break light. So, the only reason the brake looks brighter is because an extra bulb comes on. Wiring was 22 ga and melted. Rewired the taillight and now brakelight is on all the time. Turns out the front brakelever is wrong and does not touch the brake light switch. Overall, it runs decent and rides, I need to make a seat and finish sorting out the wiring, new battery, ignition switch. Not bad for $300.
  8. There's a whole lotta ugly on the back of this thing that's gotta go. I plan to cut the fender struts just aft of the shock mounts, and make a shorty fender and solo seat. Keeping the gutted mufflers, I kinda like the look. Not sure if I'm keeping the tank, might go with one of the Sportster tanks I have laying around.
  9. Got a little project from a neighbor, an 82 CM250. It runs, but needs some work on the starter overrun clutch, a new clutch cable and the wiring is hacked. Wiring is no big deal, they lost the key and hotwired the thing. But most importantly, I got a clean title with it! All for $300
  10. Yeah, I hoped to be on it this summer, but I've only been home a total of 3 weeks this year, and not in a row. Shop is looking for a second service tech, but there's only so many in the pressfeed business.
  11. What a year! A month in Germany, the rest of the time just going going going, sold off the unfinished jeep, and picked up a real MIG welder since no one is allowed to use the shop anymore. Cleaning out my garage, setting up a small fab area, about 10' x 20'. Just need to get a single phase 5hp motor for the old quincy compressor and i'm good to go. Well, after I remove the oil furnace and hook up the woodburner. Heat would be nice. With any luck, i'll be riding this next summer. Then I need to figure out how to make a good looking chop out of a CM400.....
  12. Got a week's vacation coming up- need to put the body back on the jeep, and show a little progress on the chop.... Too much time on the road last couple months, too little time for building.
  13. Well, no pics as I was just busting ass to get 'done-ish', but the fact is I was just out of town too much and in fact, I am leaving for another road trip in about a half hour. What I have is the engine in, it runs, foot pegs in place, fender on, but no brakes or 'real' electrics. So, I guess I am out, :mad: put me in the build forum. I will have it done in about another month, I want it on the road before I go to Germany in June.
  14. Well, here's the update. Haven't been home since the last update, so not a helluva a lot of progress. Kinda the downside to my job. Good news, I have everything I need, and I'm home all week, so there's a glimmer of hope. Either way, I'm to close to done to quit!
  15. Hmmmmmmm.............. Things aren't looking so good, I've spent the bulk of the year out on the road, only a day or two home at a time. Flying back to Detroit tomorrow afternoon, hoping to get some more stuff done Sunday,then it's back on the road.... Even if I don't finish on time, I have more done on the bike than if I hadn't entered. I still want to ride it this summer!