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  1. lookin good
  2. cleaned up, painted, rewired, carbs worked over, gotta bleed the brakes and wrap the exhaust just about ready for firing up
  3. coming along pretty good, I made the tool box on an xs650 into an electrical box it's plastic but works good
  4. fender struts welded up and fender mounted to the swing arm, wassel style tank mounted, need a headlight mounted and it'll be ready for powder or paint
  5. rear fender mock up, found it in a pile of parts I think it came off of an old bsa, fits nice and tight
  6. looks good, get to work
  7. well i'd rather suck than blow lol, got the pipes cleaned up think i'll wrap them sandblast the mufflers and run em found a pair of drag bars, got to figure out some kinda rear fender thingy, mounted a small battery under the seat pan gonna be a kicker only, thinking a narrow alien or axed style tank lower front end 2"
  8. so far so good
  9. well this old trump finally found a good home out around denver
  10. not sure what size pipe you have but I get 2 drag pipes on a 650 triumph out of 1 roll with about 1/4 of it left, that's from the exhaust port to the end of the pipes
  11. lookin good
  12. good luck
  13. looks a hell of a lot lighter
  14. she's a 1 kicker