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  1. If I cut the neck close to the neck tube is there enough room for a 2x4 11ga. short gooseneck to slide under the frame backbone? I'd seen them a few years back on one of the trump sites.
  2. 4-3/4" c2c. front leg is 3" c2c. 36" to cl of bottom tree.
  3. Turning radius is not sufficient. Is their a springer rake and trail calculator online somewhere? I was thinking to shorten the forks and change the top tree to fit it right. I'd also thought about using 2x4 11ga. tube as a gooseneck by cutting close to the neck and running the tubing parallel under the backbone with neck raked on its end. Has anyone used machined/lathe plug welded sockets to shorten the legs on a springer?(cut em short and add the 'socket' to the end to reattach the rockers to). The FM came from a ditch witch and I'd picked up the sporty piece from ebay. Looks like a oil pump gear is a close swap for this one. The xs tach drive is a lot skinnier and longer/out of clearance/alignment than the sprty tach drive, but bolting to the side cover with gear looked reasonable even if at 90 degree to the cover. alternator side with a toothed belt looked reasonable too. I'm looking a decent starting point motor wise.Salvage bikes were locked up bottom end and jugs.
  4. sort of off-topic- when I was in school there was a man going across country on crutches. the design group eventually had spring loaded crutches with the functional equivalent of closed cell neoprene pipe insulation inside the spring tubes for damping. I wonder if it would take the 'pogo' out of a springer to put pipe insulation inside the springs?
  5. whichever ones you get, there was a mod I ran across a few years ago where the back half of the brush part has about half its thickness removed. Can't remember where I saw it, my hand was never steady enough, but my bud said it worked a lot better that way -less paint-better flow. somebody here may be an expert. fyi mike
  6. It was just a page with a variation on reading the plugs tuning for the del'ortos- it was pretty specific in regards to jetting. don't know if you can get at this or not-- del'orto page print Mike
  7. http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto.html fyi air screw turns in to richen, idlemixture screw turns out to richen. Mike
  8. http://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/index.php...amp;&page=8 maybe? l8r mike
  9. lose the risers and apes for a set of drag bars (high tunnel tank may be in order then, instead of the low tunnel one), lose the sissy bar- ride the hell out of it a that point...my .02$ Mike
  10. I'd have to check the haynes manual- but I'd just about bet the intake and exhaust cams are identical on that one... Looks like it needs the spiggots for the exhaust (slip on 1-3/4" exhaust...). nice find Shane- carbs alone are worth as much as the bike. L8r Mike
  11. whats the number on the cases Shane? Mike
  12. +1
  13. i've seen a few clones at HF which for most is easiest cheapest way to go. interesting link. check the badger 150 http://www.dickblick.com/categories/airbru...andairbrushkits mike
  14. before you go sticking, pieces of goooey glass on the forms (if you are on the frame with them especially), wrap as much of it as you can with wax paper to avoid a nasty cleanup job when done. I've seen park5138 (Ricky Parkers) way of doing it on the v-star rigid he had in his garage (not sure where he ever went) he made the seat pan out of glass, right in place on the frame, everything wrapped up to avoid a messy cleanup when it cured. The wax paper works pretty well if your not after a gelcoat finish. The gelcoat finish is a differnt resin/hardner combo and is usually sprayed (I have seen it brushed in small stuff). I'd have to do some diggin to get brands, check with a boat manufacturer or supplier for baot manufacturer for the stuff. I saw it used at grady white boats by Gil (rip-FLMC), a day or so before he got layed off. They had about 4" of chop for a floor in the spray room. L8r Mike
  15. Lookin Sweet... L8r Mike