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  1. Umm... Ya. I see what your going for. I think you need some more practice. Lol. Pretty good fab skills though. You got the pattern down but all those sharp corners and welds will slow down the exhaust flow with the turbulence. Have you tried it yet?
  2. Some mad skills there man. Very nice.
  3. It's a good skill to have if your going to be using it. Opens up your skill on home projects. Like building and certifying say a tandem axle car trailer if you want or a frame for a bike or that hot rod project you always wanted. You take a decent course without certification is ok because you can get it certified after and may only have some things to make better or maybe it will pass right off. Practice and knowledge goes a long way. Seen some things that scare a guy. Farmer welds. Lol
  4. Went to trade school. A three year program. I'm a Red Seal Journeyman. The Red Seal certificate means I am certified to weld any weld position anywhere in Canada. Barring some specific welding that I would need some other certificates. Like B Pressure for example. I could pass the test easy enough but I don't do that job and see no reason to keep paying for testing on a job I do not do.
  5. Honestly, I became a Journeyman welder just so I could build and certify my own frames. Trucks, Hot Rods, Bikes, etc. Before that I could weld but knew I shouldn't be building stuff that could injure or kill others. Let alone myself.
  6. Lots of practice. Lots of Destructible testing.
  7. Google is for more than naked women?
  8. Never heard of that. Must be a Kiwi thing.
  9. Take one ugly turd and polished a helluva ride out of it. I hate Vrago's, have one and owned two others. Yours is awesome.
  10. Don't know if that will ever happen. Lol. But it is cool.
  11. Nobody? Well I enjoyed it.
  12. A friends dads friend wrote and recorded this. Few have heard it. Enjoy. Porosity Morning (1).mp3.m4a
  13. Thanks guy's.
  14. Yup. Thought the same thing. Ran a zip tie up the hose. Seemed clear. Although I couldn't get it all the way into the tank because of the last corner.
  15. Doing an oil change today. Been draining for three hours now. Still half inch in tank. Drip, drip, drip. Blew air, softly into tank from drain and hear bubbles no problem. So I no it's not plugged. What I am thinking is the rubber line has collapsed inside causing a restriction. Very possible right? I'll pull it apart this winter and replace it. Any other thoughts?