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  1. Those sorry fucks sold my shit for scrap. Tools and all. Not to mention had my trailer hauled off. Stupid fucks.
  2. SiGreetings and salutations from the arm pit of the universe. My beloved deathtrap as well as my 750 have been permenantly removed from my possession. All my tools,clothing,even my home went with them. I have been in a homeless shelter since the end of April. I haven't spent a single night under the same roof as my son and ol'Lady since. My world is sorta bleak these days. I get to see them when we can. I got to keep Jr all day wed. and talk to him most nights. Crystal is going to school for her GED and is doing quite well. The good part is we are about to get an apartment. I managed to get a brand new welder and a few tools collected back up and am working on getting my lisence back. I hope to get some wheels back under my ass soon. I just reread this whole thread and remember how much fun I had when I built and rode it. I have missed this place and everyone here. Y'all wishe luck in the coming weeks as my family and I work to get to put our world back on track. I will try to show my ugly face around here more soon. I got no sled but I still got the mentality and desire. I guess I'll have to wait and see what turns up. Later fellers....
  3. Damn, has it been a year? No change in status. Looking to make some headway maybe in the spring. Gotta find a new place to weld, the last one kinda went sour for me. It was always work on their shit and no time for mine. They never paid me anyhow, so screw them.
  4. Just an update... She is still hid up under a tarp, but I'm looking at getting her up and running before too long...maybe. I'll keep ya'll posted.
  5. This one has gone to another home. Please remove this. Somebody?
  6. Yup... That qualifies as a lot. I suppose you don't need a lot of clearance. Over 1000cc growth... Becha old Doc Porche never had a monster like that in mind when he designed that little engine.
  7. Damn dude... This little chop just keeps lookin' better. I saw what you meant about the rear tire, what a funky looking tread. Well, screw it...just burn it off so you can get another one...
  8. House first hands down. This new house got a garage or basement?
  9. Ya' getting some of the rust scraped off of it yet?
  10. Are ya' stuck to the floor? Don't tell me... some money got in the way.... If that's the problem, send it to me. I know just what to do with it.
  11. A purty fair amount of work there. Won't that weaken the cam, though? Oh, uh, you need to send that set of forks to me so you don't hurt yourself with them... 'Em er nicunns....
  12. Lookin' good, man.... I'm digging the tank mounts too. I might try that on my next full build.
  13. I've seen pictures of one done that way. Cant see enough advantage to be worth that much work. The idea for this one is just to have one traveling bike that I don't have to jump up and down to start. And to prove that they can be rebuilt for less than a couple of grand. Dusty That would be a shit load of work... I've seen a couple done that way, too. They were mostly lookers though. They make for a good long distance ride. Know a guy who rode one to Costa Rica and back. He was down there for a few years. Only reg. maint. while gone ,too. Tough bike, it was.
  14. I hear ya... Cool idea on the lights and copper fittings.... What's new?
  15. Cool man!!!! What is the swing arm from? Diggin yer pipes too.... And welcome to the fruit basket.....