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  1. I knew it! Nice job!
  2. That's not a brat kit is it? Did your buddy do that from scratch?
  3. Nope. They're like mains. Mine has a 34 so I have no idea what yours is like Like how you mounted the tank
  4. Didn't touch the air jets? Shit, if it runs, why bother? Nice job!
  5. The mags are cool. I've got a set for mine but never put them on.
  6. Checked the banjo bolt? Call me Mr Obvious
  7. Pods are cool! The look of your bike is completely different without those bulky air boxes. Like Wymple, some claim that there's a problem with cross winds interfering with engines but I've never noticed any. It helps I you've bought decent ones too; cheap ones are only good for a trial period. Fine tuning is the key; you've just got to have the patience to keep testing till you're satisfied. Glad you got 'er running!
  8. This guy talks funny; but he explains things pretty well... https://youtu.be/Yi4Z8wTOUM8
  9. Nice work!
  10. Here's a couple of links and the site actually has instructions on how to build your own V8 engine out of fucking Lego. Unreal!https://youtu.be/JMwm3wwqtwc http://www.lpepower.com/
  11. chemicals are bad for you. I like to keep things "organic". but you can still keep that in the freezer. next to the coffee
  12. that's fuckin' cool!
  13. you say that it actually ran one day and didn't the next? surlyboy is right; opening the float bowls is the least you can do. you might want to remove it from the bike to break it down and give it a thorough cleaning (if they're synced carbs I would not recommend separating them and you shouldn't have to anyways). they're pretty much all the same. brew dude had a good article in the horse about carb cleaning in the april issue (I think?) and a good home recipe for a cleaner.
  14. are you guys talking about the main jet or the pilot? if I am successful at drilling out whichever, do I need to worry about the needle jet?