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  1. Going with gussets. Also a correction used Hughs PMA. But with a Ardcore Choppers hardtail. He makes them year specific for the XS and they look good. Great weld easy to line up uses engine as alignment aid.
  2. Chopping an xs650. Hardtail from Hughs handbuilt already on, cut off neck gussets, left headsteady tube with top motormount. So question is, can I leave gussets out, really like the look with out them. Have seen a few without them just wondering about frame flex in that area. Any comments? Thanks Marc
  3. Shouldn't need anything special. Most factory tools can be worked around. Just take your time think it through cause no damage
  4. Great work. Seat is totally bitchin'
  5. Try some chore boy scrubbers for packing in the pipes. Just make sure you use the stainless ones.
  6. Nice work. Always amazing what I see on this site.
  7. Scroll down and look at the post forward controls should be of some help. Marc
  8. Great idea. Thanks for posting.
  9. If your just needing more volume try finding a second tank. I used to have a 150g. propane tank from a pickup conversion in line with my upright 80g compressor lasted plenty long when using the blasting cabinet or the DA sanders. Top psi on the upright was same as yours, propane tank was 250psi.
  10. Got any plans for that thing? Easy to see how its built guess i'm looking at where to get the rubber rollers.
  11. Have you contacted Ron Finch about these springers and the best way to finish them up?
  12. The forks on stacebg post are Earles forks from the early 50's the design not his forks. Used alot on trikes and sidecar rigs. Cant remember the site address but there is a place in Austraila, Big Yeller Trike, I think that had a how to for the front end your looking for. Also saw some on ebay awhile back for a mini-bike think it used mountain bike shocks. Hope this helps.
  13. Try calling Paughco see if they have the right cap.
  14. 3-d printing, fast prototyping
  15. 90% of pics missing can you redo