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    spending time out doors. man I live in FL, oh and taking the bike out.
  1. Thank you. It will get up in a hurry. And a lot better then my other sled.
  2. Here is my 98 gsxr that I have started making a streetfighter / bobber. Hope you guys like what I have done so far and more to come. So the things done to it is lowered the bike 3" and streach 7".
  3. Yes its a 750 Vulcan.
  4. Now I get it running and the start to bob it.
  5. Here is my lateist bike. And my newist mechanic
  6. Wow that is a kick ass bike. The the colors on it.
  7. very nice work
  8. That is a kick ass sled. Great job
  9. That is a kick ass bike. very clean
  10. sweet ride
  11. every one should have one
  12. I used the kreem and have not had a problem with it.