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  1. Nice, I kinda dig the kaws, hoping to get back to working on mine soon.
  2. This chop is lookin sweet!
  3. thats a sweet ride , right choice on the fender, and clearcoat would be cool. been thinking about a certain 77 ironhead i know about..... maybe add a david bird hardtail with a 4 inch stretch, yeah that would make a sweet ride too.this site is so inspirational!
  4. what do you get to make a custom wallet, thats actually big enough to put money in? id like a tri fold without a chain with a design that resembles my vulcan chop with her name on it somewhere "ol black betty".
  5. where do you get your leather?
  6. damn ! that paint rocks! tony you done an awsome job on the kz! now i just gotta find time to finish mine,
  7. really like your leather work, i probably cant afford it. what do you get for a two up seat, kinda like a k&q?
  8. wow, thats amazing , do you make this kinda stuff to sell?
  9. fine looking ride, hope you get it finished soon. i completely understand all the time management issues, had them myself, still having problems with it.
  10. sorry to here about the wifes health issues, been there and know how that is, thats a fine looking backbone you got there, hopefully youll get that thing together soon , itll be riding weather before you know it!
  11. very cool wheels. looks like a beamer motor with one cylinder on top, hell id ride it.
  12. damn that makes mine look like ass! looks really good !
  13. hell come on over and make me get to work. you oughta be able to RIDE over cause everybody except me has been out RIDING! 60+ degrees and i have a house full of company all day! and when people MAKE me work they usually find a wrench in their hand! lol! no really been busy with all sorts of interesting projects popping up. not to mention health issues and ive not gotten the work i want to get done .... done . hopefully in the next few days ill get back to it. ive gotta get some pics taken and put up. i know yall think its still sitting on the lift in the garage but its not ive moved the project to the shop i work at , cuz thats where the welder is and boss dont want me to bring it home. so after work tomorrow il try to repair the welder and get back to welding those gussets in . also with the rake job and rear swingarm extention stubby has changed appearance . swingarm extention not done yet but as soon as rake job all welded up we start on rear end, its gonna be about 4 inches , thinking a rename is in order...... KING SLONG! lol! i think itl work , ive heard of peoples BIKES (think harley) being referred too as a penis extention..... guess poor ass chopper riders can have a little extention too! lol!
  14. well been having some health issues, got a little behind, hopefully thats over, so its back to the grind. well the airbag is on its way, necks cut and raked , just gotta go over the welds and put in some gussets. maybe tomorrow il get the welding on the neck done and get started on the swingarm extensions. il try to get some pics up soon.
  15. that aint fair! every time somebody posts pics of them cute little younguns, they gets all the votes! hell even i would vote fer your bike even if it comes out lookin like a vespa ! lol! one of my problems is a lack of a jig or materials to make a good one. soooooo...... im going old school and gonna use a plumb bob and angle iron to keep stuff straight , also gonna stretch the swinger instead of hardtailing, which is something ive been thinking on for awhile, so its chop whatcha got time! looking forward to seeing yer build!