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  1. I think the kid gets her smarts from the old man nice work and that's not sayin enough about it GREAT WORK
  2. hey

    I'm getting a report content warning

    I dang sure don't know what to do about it



  3. lookin good
  4. Hey

    when you have a chance

    could you look at the new section and see what I did wrong


    thank you

  5. Hey

    have they ever said why we can't do mass e-mails?



  6. I think it's Lynns boy friend
  7. well since your back and you might not have seen her here she is
  8. nice worh that's talent right there boys
  9. lookin good rate your going you will be done before I get Lynns brakes workin LOL
  10. Hey check your inbox bikes lookin good WW
  11. I am watching this really close been wanting to build one
  12. I have tried every thing even been on the phone off and on with LRT I can not get these Fu*king brakes to work I have tried 2 different masters I have bled them front ways and back ways I have taken and just hooked one brake up to either master either I have no idea what the heck I'm doing or something is Fu*cked next step is a BFH and Lynn will not be happy with that really could use some help Thanks WW
  13. ok got the master back guy said the cup? had no memory so with a rebuild kit in it I will see if it will work Oh and I have been filling the lines and calpers (using a turkey baster) getting read for thanksgiving early LOL
  14. took the forward master in for a rebuild also getting a new banjo and bolt got to thinking while I was working today that those 2 things (banjo and bolt) might not be lining up? so we will see this weekend Thanks WW
  15. rear brakes 91 Kaw calipers Honda splitter new lines I have tried these masters It seems to me not enough fluid is making it was through the line even when I hook just one caliper to the master when I pump and then bleed only a very small amount drips out it never changes. I'm used to (like on Skull) pump and when I bleed a big squirt comes out (maybe it's age) lol Thanks
  16. Still have problems with having to pump them 5 times to take hold I have made sure no leaks in the lines (everything is tight) We (Lynn and I) are hearing a squshing sound around the master cylinder Could I need to replace the O ring ?? Thanks
  17. nice I like the fish tails
  18. Joe do you make house calls (lol) I am going to get back at it this weekend and see what I can figure out so dang close on getting this thing on the road
  19. Cant tell It shouldnt with the valve thingy The guy at demon told me the forwards are not made for a trike and not made to be used with a splitter?
  20. yep everything cleaned
  21. the trike Oh MPW in case you missed it http://www.thechopperunderground.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74274
  22. nice start Keep the pic's comin
  23. Now I have worked on them befor I have adj them I have bled them ETC.... But on the trike (yes today was brake day) I'm runnin dual disk rear Lynn has to pump them 5 times before they grab Then she lets off and has to pump them again Do we have a air leak? I can't have it to where she has to pump them to get them to work Oh and when they work, they work Thanks WW
  24. Thanks
  25. Hey Joe is this what I need http://www.summitracing.com/parts/rus-654010?seid=srese1&gclid=CM-q4JDe5cwCFVKVfgodOFQN7Q Thanks