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  1. I have both and they both work the 72" runs cooler and the belts last longer but the belts are more $ either way buy the good zirconium (spelling) belts! The biggest benefit is that you can make get the belt to run on a flatter plate to keep things square while grinding
  2. Yup that was the question thanks
  3. SWEET!!!!!!! that all looks great! couple questions on the press is the die and anvil both made from plastic? I know the anvil is nylon but what's the die made from? also why cut it apart is that just for more clearance? your work is amazing as always if that is the practice piece I can't wait for the rest of the sheet metal!
  4. Are you going make your English wheel or buy a cheap one and reinforce?
  5. Ya I have the English wheel and shrinker/stretcher on my list too can't wait to see how you use them so that I get motivated to take the financial plunge myself
  6. YIPEEE Here we go again! Now get to work so I have something to follow
  7. Fuckin awesome!!!!!! Can't wait for the springer build been waiting for that!!!!!
  8. And its much appreciated! Keep it up! Can't wait for the springer can't wait for the springer can't wait for the springer
  9. Very cool definitely following that! Then again I follow all your stuff I think we should start a new thread "Shit I've tried cuz customizeIT made it look easy" I know I've done a few and have a few more in the works thanks to you! Keep up the good work!
  10. Nice u doin another girder?
  11. O gooody I'm so excited
  12. Axle adjuster
  13. A adapter to fit a HD front end to a xs650 ??
  14. That thing is bad as hell!!!!!! I like green for it (but u won't be able to take pics on the grass anymore) went back over this thread and found how you made your headlight. Do u have high low beams? Do you need them in your state?
  15. Thanks guys I'm sure its contaminants I never thought about the back side!!! Thanks lockman that's what I was wondering I kept getting closer with more heat.