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  1. Finally got time to work on trump chop. Got it together and ran it around town a few times. Still dialing in timing and carbs. Gotta plumb oil cooler and wire lights and of course have a pesky oil leak to find and fix.
  2. cleaning carbs on 73 bmw 750. bing cv carb. half of brass screw in idling jet is broken off. any ideas on how to get it out? thanks Jim
  3. one I did couple years back
  4. couldn't help it could ya.
  5. Well the run to smokeout was not uneventful. The boy's 71 had electrical issues (imagine that) turned out the used tympanium unit failed. Picked up a new podtronics and gonna do a better job of wiring but he did get a cool stripe job while there
  6. I like that! Whats the tank from?
  7. we put new 30m pwk on the son's trump project. 71 650 bonnie. after reading article's here decided to ditch emgo pods any suggestions on good filters? have an old k&n pod i ran years ago on an old bonnie easy to see the difference on air flow clearance. but mostly having a time tuning these things together. one cylinder seems to be lagging at idle and low rpm ,it picks up soon after increasing throttle. wondering if anyone has some first hand experience with this application. the net has mixed reviews on this carb set up. i'm definitly not the best tuner but usually had no troubles with the old amals.
  8. i really dig the paint job!
  9. working on ignition and wiring now. gonna run a hunt magneto for fire then play lights by ear. see if i need a regulator and or capacitor. have a new single phase stator and rotor installed.have to get wired and running to see if it has more flicker than i can live with. running a fab Kevin led tail light and i've never tried an led with this type set-up. hopefully we'll see very soon. trying to be finished for smokeout.
  10. getting closer. plumbing done, air filter material in stacks. still need to install mag. get it wired and make tail light and tag bracket and shorten cables
  11. right you are my friend. 1966 bottom with a 71 top. 1970 front loop and a 25 yr old homemade hardtail .
  12. got the new engine installed, exhaust, and carbs done. still lack plumbing and wiring then fire it up!
  13. haven't had much shop time lately but here's a few update pics. chain tensioner built sissy bar mounts made. fender mount made. polished up the oil tank some gonna need more work. rust treatment on frame and primer coat. brakes done. here's how it sits now.
  14. finally got the oil tank done, well except for more damn polishing. I think it turned out better than I hoped gonna look sweet all polished and plumbed with copper tubing. tank made from an oxygen tank cut down and used a bung kit from troyfab.
  15. that is the foundation of a vertical oil tank made from an loonynum oxygen bottle. I wanted to add more volume to compensate for the heat here in florida and make this bike as slim as I can.