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  1. Planning on silver flake base with root beer candy. Going to be some designs/airbrush involved.
  2. Well I got the xs down off the table since I'm currently remodeling my shop. It's nice to see it on the ground since I can see what I like and don't like. There will be some changes to get it right yet but it's getting there.
  3. I got back in the shed and managed to get a little done on the xs. I mounted the coil. Mocked up the horseshoe style electrical compartment.
  4. Well, work and life happened for a while but I'm getting the itch again. I need to finish this bike.
  5. Yes. And annoying too. Limits your wheel choices when it comes to gearing.
  6. Although I see I haven't posted up my rear fender mounts. I did this a few months ago...
  7. It's still sitting on my table, waiting. I've been busy building a cb450 tracker for my little brother when I get the time to do anything at all...
  8. Those were premade pipes but they'd be really easy to replicate. If you're still looking for ideas...
  9. I just cut the tank open on my running bike today. I simply dumped the gas out, washed it out with dish soap, rinsed, then cut it open. No big deal. I've done it this way several times but I wasn't sure how fresh the gas was in the previous tanks.
  10. Just picking at straws but the rectifier converts the juice. The regulator pulls it down to manageable levels so you don't cook everything. On the older bikes they were actually separate units but then they combined them for simplicity. Most bikes use a 3 leg stator so you'll have 3 yellow wires like Slime said, then a red for your battery charge wire, a black ground, then a green that needs power from your switch to make everything go. Wiring a dohc reg/rec on a sohc requires hooking some wires up to different colors on the stock alternator. I have a diagram on my pc and I'll try to upload it tomorrow if I remember.
  11. Also, almost any reg/rec would probably work. Once you understand the concept and how to wire them, it makes it a lot easier. They pretty much all do the same things.
  12. Or here: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=280943109195 I used one of those units on the cb750 I built last year. Worked great.
  13. For a reg/rec just run a later model DOHC cb750 unit. That along with the stock alternator seems to work pretty well..
  14. Finished the footpegs and mounts. I turned out one toe peg last night. I'm no good at knurling but this is gonna be good enough...
  15. I wouldn't run it like that by any means. You can just run a post straight down and add a nice looking gusset once you know where you can put it. That's what I did on this KZ650 frame. You seem to have some strange angles going on with the tail.. I'd just cut the backbone and top tubes out and lay them in a straight line from the neck to the axle plates. I realize not everyone is quite as crazy as me though, so carry on.