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  1. Ok I can start her using a screwdriver to jump the solenoid. But when I hit the starter button I get nothing, no click. There are two thin wires going into the solenoid. A yellow and red and a black. Both wires are hot when the bike is turned on. The yellow and red wire cuts off when I hit the starter button but the black stays hot when I hit it. I think this means my button is ok but the solenoid is bad. Any insight into this?
  2. I did notice a light in the cluster that looked like it was damaged. it might possibly be the culprit. I was told to check and make sure ther bike wasn't sending power to the coils while it was turned off as well. Im going to look at these two problems and let you know what I find
  3. Yeah they were identical bikes.
  4. also there is only one main fuse Ive been able to find on the bike., are you seeing another one? Ive never had a bike with only one fuse
  5. Starter does work and turns over the engine btw
  6. whats a charge indicator lamp? I have no idea what one is. Is it a light? thanks for the help btw
  7. http://s14.photobucket.com/user/xscorex/media-full//IMG_20140601_161836.jpg.html linbk to the wiring diagram, cant get this crummy old explorer browser to work right
  8. Crap, I have an electrical diagram, but I cant read it, what does a curly q line mean? Im trying to take a pic of it to post but having trouble
  9. The coils from the junkyard came from an identical bike so they are the correct coils. I'll look at the diagram and see what I can see. would anything be causing it to surge?
  10. I had posted this in Japanese but probably should have posted here. My friends girl has a 76 or so Suzuki gt185. Its an old two stroke. She said she was riding and the bike just cut out on her. I took a test light and messed around and found no spark. juice goin into the coils but nothing coming out. So we found a set of coils from a junkyard and swapped em out. We had a good bright spark! I thought that was the fix, I would pop some wheelies and my boy would get laid because we fixed this girls bike. No go. We got spark but it wouldn't turn over. Just a few farts and backfires. So then we figured the timing was off. So we left to go get a compression tester. Came back and tried to turn it over again. This time no backfires and the starter solenoid was clicking. Fuck. so I take out the spark plugs and NO SPARK! We did charge his battery with jumper cables from his sportster though. The metal bracket the coils were mounted on were hot to the touch and the multimeter confirmed the secondary coils were fried. Now what? I don't even know where to start looking. I was thinking if the charging unit was bad, might effect it, But the bike never ran so the charging unit shouldn't be sending power. Where should I start looking? It has compression but why are we blowing coils? Timing it is going to be another nightmare all together.
  11. So my friends girl has a 76 gt185 two stroke. Its a neat little bike. She said it just cut off on her while riding. Now it has no spark. We started testing and had power goin into the coils but nothing coming out. So we got replacements. Hooked them up and we had spark! Problem solved or so we thought. When we hooked it up. It would backfire but would crank up. So we thought we needed to check the timing which we dont know how to do. Anyway so we left to get a compression tester came back and noticed it wasnt backfiring. So i checked for spark and nothing! Now the multimeter is saying the coils are no good. Wtf! Now i dunno what to do because we have blown two sets of coils. Anyone know whats up? Where do I go from here?
  12. I think I read that the 360 spoke set from mikes xs is what I need. Was hoping the guys who have done it could shed some light or make a step by step diy
  13. I know a few guys have done it. For those who have, what spokes do I need? Can I reuse the stock rear spokes or do I need a custom set? When they say I need to drill out the holes on the rim, what does that mean? I'm using two 18" 1975 xs650 wheels . Any pics for guys who have done this? How much will it drop the front end?
  14. Bananiac 500 R.I.P Never Forget
  15. heres a pic of my wheel, I understand everything except the bearing part, why does it need a bearing for the plate to spin? I thought the point of the stay was to make the plate not spin. Where would I find such a bearing? any pics of one?