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  1. yeah - it does not fit the normal chopper profile with the shocks and banana seat. But it works for me.
  2. just added turn signals and highway bars and a new light
  3. 1972 cb500 with 78 cb550 engine
  4. another pic......
  5. changed to the headlights up a bit.....left side is how it is now.
  6. It is a genuine old school invader welded wheel hand made in the 70s.
  7. I would use an impact driver - slot the screws first with a ziz wheel then but the impact driver on there with a slot bit and smack it with a hammer. Personally, I use a rivet gun with a hex bit in an holder called a screw knocker. It has never failed me. But yours is already jacked up - so slotting it with a ziz wheel may be the best option.
  8. It was a mess - found it in a storage bin. Hadn't been started for 20 years and was all rusted out. Rebuilt the engine with an overbore kit and bought some remanufactured carbs - runs perfect now. Fun and comfortable bike to ride.
  9. haha - big bore is a 985cc. Wanted to freshen up the 31 year old holes. It did the trick!
  10. yeah - a little wet for riding lately. I am a whopping 55 ft above sea level which is high ground where I live. Actually went for a ride today during a break in the storms. It is so windy the roads dry fast.
  11. couple pics for your viewing pleasure:
  12. I love the look of that bike - but no front brake? You would die quickly in a traffic rich place like Tampa Bay. Very nice though. Makes me happy.
  13. Love the bike - you MAY want to reconsider your foot wear though.
  14. that is crazy - love it. Hey - how about a youtube vid so we can hear the pipes.
  15. they let anyone on here huh? lol Hi guys. bigjeff