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  1. yeah - it does not fit the normal chopper profile with the shocks and banana seat. But it works for me.
  2. It was a mess - found it in a storage bin. Hadn't been started for 20 years and was all rusted out. Rebuilt the engine with an overbore kit and bought some remanufactured carbs - runs perfect now. Fun and comfortable bike to ride.
  3. just added turn signals and highway bars and a new light
  4. 1972 cb500 with 78 cb550 engine
  5. another pic......
  6. changed to the headlights up a bit.....left side is how it is now.
  7. It is a genuine old school invader welded wheel hand made in the 70s.
  8. I would use an impact driver - slot the screws first with a ziz wheel then but the impact driver on there with a slot bit and smack it with a hammer. Personally, I use a rivet gun with a hex bit in an holder called a screw knocker. It has never failed me. But yours is already jacked up - so slotting it with a ziz wheel may be the best option.
  9. first post here - this is my old redone 81 cb900c. Took lot of work.
  10. haha - big bore is a 985cc. Wanted to freshen up the 31 year old holes. It did the trick!
  11. yeah - a little wet for riding lately. I am a whopping 55 ft above sea level which is high ground where I live. Actually went for a ride today during a break in the storms. It is so windy the roads dry fast.
  12. couple pics for your viewing pleasure:
  13. I love the look of that bike - but no front brake? You would die quickly in a traffic rich place like Tampa Bay. Very nice though. Makes me happy.
  14. Love the bike - you MAY want to reconsider your foot wear though.
  15. that is crazy - love it. Hey - how about a youtube vid so we can hear the pipes.
  16. they let anyone on here huh? lol Hi guys. bigjeff
  17. Thanks man. Been riding the old girl over the holiday and having a blast - in my new TCU t-shirt!!!!! I'll try to get on here more often.
  18. That is the airbox. These old Hondas have constant velocity carbs and need an airbox - pods don't work right. All the carbs need the air at the same pressure hence the common source of the air box. The bike is an 81 cb900c I paid $500 for and put over a grand into - including a big bore kit that bumped it up to 985cc. New tank and Chopper seat is the only non stock parts.
  19. awesome man - love the old jap fours
  20. Mine has an air suspension. haha - I got a bad back. But it is really not a chopper - more of an old school custom/Chopper. Just do what feels right for you.
  21. Couple more pics - big bore kit too!!!
  22. wow - go thru alot of rear tires? lol
  23. # 1. I got one of these on ebay cheap. Just fab the mounts. The springs make it real cushy too.
  24. Often that is caused by the float valve sticking. A quick tap on the bowl of the offending carb usually frees it.
  25. Thanks - got lost for awhile and found my way back. Checking out the site. Garage built is a kick. My bike is not a chopper or a bobber. Just a tweaked custom.