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  1. Also the sporty tank looks cool but I'll probably never use one on my bikes again. 50-60 mile range
  2. I have them on my cb750 chop so I don't think it's too wide. But I will say the stock mounts on this one are probably the most comfortable I've ever ridden
  3. My first chop was a gs550. Can't wait to see yours done👍
  4. I'd like to take a stab at it. And tips or recommendations? Tools? I figure I can wreck some junk loonynum covers for practice.
  5. So...any progress lately?
  6. Is your chain gonna clear the battery? Looks close in the pic. I am viewing it on my phone though
  7. Gonna bring it to sodys? Could always use another sebbinfiddy in the ride
  8. We could always add another month. Then I think we could get more bikes done, lol
  9. Come on someone's got to finish!
  10. Looks sweet!
  11. Like I did on my chop Josh
  12. Well I guess I can save mine for next year. Turns out I have an umbilical hernia and one coming through my gall badder removal scars. Going in on the 12th. Sounds like a mesh this time so no more picking big things up anymore for a while. By the time I'm good to go again it'll be riding weather so ill just push the Kong to the back of the garage and have at it next bbo. Good luck to everyone else.
  13. I'd come look at it but I need hernia surgery from the last time I stopped by
  14. almost 1/4 of the bbo right there
  15. Put some quality clear over that basecoat or you'll be hating life. going on tonight