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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, spidr's right, the fender moves with the axle and works pretty slick. I would like to take out an inch width on f. fender, and maybe shorten 4 or more inches. Got the springer apart and going to prime today. speed holes in the rear strut sounds good too, my buddy has the dies for the round louver-type holes, can go as small as half inch. Nice weather is here and am going nuts hearing all the bikes blastin around, gotta finish up!!
  2. My Harley sprint 350, all complete. Pondering the idea of board tracking it, or just riding it as is, patinaed and original. Cant wait to fire this up, Im looking for a few parts if anyone has any leads.
  3. rear fender mounted to the swing arm, fender is a trailer fender from Princess Auto. I cut out 4 inches, made the strut/sissy bar. Gotta shave where I cut the struts, then body/paint.
  4. Thanks pinstripe_chuck, everything with front end is good and im loving it, bike is almost ready for body and paint. You a pinstriper?
  5. I had a springer built for me and haven't picked it up yet, I had a question regarding the placement of the trees to eachother. Does the lower spring perch always have to be in line or close to the lower tree? On my front end they are about 4 inches apart (vertically) due to a long steering neck. Should I have it lowered like the Jeri Springer sample here, or is it all right the way it is? Thanks for your help, JAB
  6. Detail of the caliper and fender mount. This is rough set up, probably going to remove some material from middle of bracket either with speed holes or a random shape.
  7. Heres the front end installed, bad pic but will get more this weekend and can break down construction of springer. Going to paint it black and chrome springs, factory triumph wheel, but can change out later.
  8. The springer was fabricated from scratch by Martin Hankey at www.martinscustommotorcycles.com It has twin discs, and mounts for a low ride fender, which I may or may not run. The seat is a mail order for these bikes, and its a beauty. My abilities will come for the paint and bodywork. Still don't know what to do yet, have a couple ideas. I'm going to shave left filler cap, and dash mount area, and rear fender I might cut shorter and swing arm mount it. Definitely gonna change out license platetail light assembly.
  9. Been a long time since on TCU, started a new project with my 05 triumph speedmaster. Will post pics of the new springer installed this week! Lots of work to do yet but no problem being on the road for spring. The speedmaster and America models don't seem to be too popular, but I think they're great looking, easy to work on, and modify, let me know what you think, thanks. JAB www.jabber-studios.com
  10. Thats a sweet filler neck, can't wait to see it. What kind of tank are you going to use? Dads old peanut tank?
  11. Great score big brother, when you gonna let everyone know about the barn find FREE '56 NSU? Can't wait to see the bobber progress. Peace JAB is
  12. Hey everyone, new to Chopper Underground, just thought I'd share some of my airbrush/pinstripe pics. Let me know what you think, too many to post here so check out my facebook fan page Jabber studios. I'm currently bobbin' out an electraglide and will post update pics, I am looking forward to hanging out at TCU and sharing tips and tricks, thanks!
  13. hey you should intoduce yourself in the Welcome page. Then start posting pics on the paint thread \m/ \m/