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  1. Very helpful. 👐
  2. I "re-plumbed" my fuel lines a few months ago with all SS braid hoses. Problem is that the inlets/outlets on my petcock and fuel filter are slightly smaller than the inlet/outlet on my pump. The hose held until about last week, and now the clamped line on the outlet to the filter is leaking. (Has to be a bit bigger inside diameter for the fuel pump inlet. I've tried tightening (choking) the hell out of it, but it keeps leaking. I'm going to re-plumb it in the morning with traditional rubber hose and the "faux" (nylon) stainless covering, unless somone else has a easier solution. Right now, I'm also trying to solve a gas cap venting issue, so pumpless isn't currently an option.
  3. Old thread, but still trying to solve this, if anyone has any new ideas.
  4. Well, my brother gave me a simple O ring to try, and suprisingly, it somehow has solved the problem entirely.
  5. The cap and original gasket. If anyone can ID it, that would be great.
  6. When we were putting my bike together years ago, I made the mistake of buying a gas cap on ebay. It was a weld-in pop-up version, surely for a standard Harley size, but the tank/cap went on my metric. The problem that has arisen since last summer, is that it will begin to seep gas out on the low side, letting it run down my high-dollar paint. The only way I've found to avoid this, is to unscrew the cap when I park it for the day, and just set it in the recess to keep out contaminants, without screwing it in. I also pull it off and put it back on whenever I stop for lunch or something while out riding- but even this practice often results in the leaking of fuel when I'm out riding, especially on hot days. The cap is vented, as I can blow out air through it from the bottom. I figured it was the gasket, so I searched pop-up gas caps on the net, and though the ones from Pro One looked like what I had, so I got a new gasket from them... the problem was that, while the gasket went on the cap fine, when I tried to put it in the tank, it was just barely a few thousandths too big in diameter. I emailed a photo of the cap to Pro One, and they said it wasn't theirs. They recommended checking with Pat Hotch, so I emailed the photos to him. He, too, said it wasn't his, and when I asked if he had any ideas who might have made it, he said he had no idea- and added that, during the bike boom, companies sprung up all over making knock-offs, and ultimately went out of business after the 2009 crash. I sent the pics to Custom Chrome, and it isn't theirs, either. Next, I hit the hardware stores and plumbing supplies. My brother, a foreman at a water treatment plant, said he had a large assortment of gaskets and O-rings at work we could sift through- no luck there. I even contacted a company that custom-makes gaskets to order, measured it with my dial caliper, and got an estimate- $290 for 50 gaskets- the minimum number they can cost effectively make. (Not very cost-effective for me) Today, I'll be out riding, and plan to take the cap into my local Freedom Cycle outlet- they're well-known for making an effort to drag out what they have to see if it works with your application. If I strike out there, I'm out of ideas. Hopefully, there's someone here who knows gas caps and might have a good suggestion.
  7. Ha! If it does, I doubt I'll be able to hear it over the engine!
  8. Thanks, Hardrock. I'm wondering why my font is all fornicated up top?
  9. I know I'm no fabricator by any measure next to the guys on this board, but I had a couple of little ideas recently that worked out pretty nice for my pro street Roadstar. First, I ordered a GPS speedo from Speedhut, which you can design online to your specs. Problem is that the Speedhut speedos are really made for installation in a dash, with a spin ring on the back- so I had to make a gauge cup from exhaust tubing, then had a welder friend weld it for me. I then took it to a local chromer, and put it on the bike. Second thing is that my crankcase vent tube was ran up to my hypercharger. (Yeah, I know, you either hate HCs or love them) The HC has a groove in the bottom rear that I'm guessing is there so it will get enough air at a standstill. When I would ride all day on hot days, just a few drops of oil would come out through the groove- which wouldn't be a big deal, except they would land right on my pipes. There was a bolt connecting the hypercharger bracket to themounting bracket between the jugs near the bottom.. so I had the same friend weld a socket cap screw to the back of the flask, and used it to replace that bolt. Then I ran my vent tube into the flask.
  10. I want to strip the coating from the fork legs on my bike, and polish them. What are your suggestions for the minimum grit I should use so that it will be rough enough to remove the coating, but not so rough that I cause myself extra work to polish the legs after the coating is gone?
  11. My bike is a "pro street" style, and my left grip is "attached" via set screws, and the right is secured by the throttle housing which is just a clamshell-type design with two screws traversing the halves to secure it via tension. My old ass body fights the bike because I end up folded like a wallet with the low seat, fwd controls, and bars that really don't extend back very far. I really hang on to those grips, especially at high speeds, but I'm worried about how secure they are. I thought about tapping the bar on the left side and just putting a longer screw through in place of the set screws, but am unsure what I should do on the throttle side. Any ideas? How are the rest of you guys doing it?
  12. The only thing I don't like about my bike at this point, is that the bars have me rolling my shoulders forward to reach, making the ride a bit "less than comfortable." I feel like even just an extra inch or two would make me tons more comfortable. I was kicking around the idea of using a couple of quarter-inch wrench sockets and the respective length bolts to give me another inch or two. Who else has done this? How has it worked out for you, and what suggestions do you have?
  13. I didn't say using raked trees would eliminate the need for extended tubes. I said lowering the rear and would. (To keep the bike level) What Shadow idea?