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  1. So I'm finally gettin back to workin on the chop. After rebuilding the house since the floods here a while back destroyed it. Anyway. If any of u guys have a titled sohc neck. I need one for this thing. BM
  2. I have a frame with a Honda neck on it. I have a girder that's goin on it. I just ground out the welds on a cb lower triple then pressed the stem out. Took the lower girder triple and honda stem to a machine shop. Now my girder didn't have a stem In it, but I'm sure u could remove the springer stem. They milled the lower girder tree to 30mm to accept the honda stem and pressed it in. Then just tack it in place a few times on bottom. So now I don't have to mix and match bearings. Just use cb neck bearings. 40 bux for them to do it. Dunno if that's a good or bad price, but beats guessin and sweatin over tryin to make something work. Bm
  3. Pm sent. Bm
  4. Tried emailing u but it sed that the addy wasn't valid. Bm
  5. Is that an amen oil tank? Looks like one from what I can see. If so I'm interested in it. How much u lookin to get outta it?
  6. On second Thot. I can maybe use that elec box. Still good for ignition and fuses and whatnot. I'll pm u my email addy. Bm
  7. Don't need a tank. The wife is buyin me a new tank and fender for Xmas. But I am lookin for an amen oil tank to mate with the frame. Yeah. I disabled the shit on here a while back as I had issues during custody with people and cut all lines of communication. Don't really need an elec box as I'm gonna run a new solid state reg/rect. But if u have an amen horseshoe tank, I'm definitely interested.
  8. Nah. Not dead. And suprisingly enuf, neither is xscorex. He's got a xs chop he's buildin on the lift next to mine. FGMC is still alive and well. Thanks on the congrats. Was a stressful year and a half and cost me 30 grand in legal fees and guardian fees and all that. Winning them, especially bein a dad in sc, makes sellin all the bikes much less painful. Hopefully this one will come together by summer. Finances are still recovering, but atleast I can shop a little now.
  9. Well after a year and a half of custody legalities over my 2 kids, I won by the way so theyr with me now. But regardless, had to sell everything to help pay for it. Was he'll goin this past season with no whip to ride. But anyway. I stumbled onto an amen frame to go with a freshly rebuilt sohc 750. Just got a few lil bugs to work out on the motor. But started mockin the roller today to take measurements. Here's a beginners peek. If anyone has any cool ass vintage 70s shit for Sale. Lemme know. Want this one to be legit 70s style. Well it's a good start atleast.
  10. right below the oil filler there is a stamp that says 1500 c.c. no letters on the serial numbers on the stamp pad on the engine. looks just like the engine on thered cafe. bm
  11. just got an old yamaha rd 2stroke motor. turns over, complete from carb to exhaust. i dont know anything about em. never owned one or even paid attention to em at all before. anyone here mess with em before. was lookin for some positive vs negatives, maybe some build pics of one if anyone has done one. buddy of mine is tryin to decide if the motor is worth buildin off of or not. so any info on these motors would be greatly appreciated. i dont know how to tell the difference between the 350 and the 400. but im sure its one of the 2, thanks bm
  12. cool. thanks. bm
  13. for some of you vw beetle guys, or anyone else that might know. i was lookin at this old dudes cb750 chop a while back and noticed the bike had really long drag pipes on it. so just shootin the shit i asked him if he had made em. he sed that he was able to press vw beetle exhaust tips into the regular run of the mill cb750 dragpipes that made them longer plus had small baffles in them to for a little backpressure. and you can find sets on ebay for like 20 bux for a pair. seems like an easy, cheap, and nice lookin exhaust tip/extension that could be used in many applications. was wantin to try it on the cb650. was hopin someone here, i know a few guys here are into vw beetles, could put a caliper to the tailpipe and see if its a good match to the inline 4 header pipe. bm
  14. all i can figure is that maybe if it were square stock on the handlebars it would be inch square. typically the other stuff isnt that thick. maybe its harder to twist when it gets to a certain size. fuck i dunno. im stoned and that seemed logical at the moment. bm
  15. here are some more pics. of better quality too. bm