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  1. Fits in there purty good!
  2. Check out the BBO threads, lotsa ideas and construction pics there.
  3. All right! Need to send in sum on da road pics soon
  4. Qualified judges are few and far between, especially ones that are handbuilt savy
  5. Gittin there!
  6. I would put it in the custom bad ass hot rod homebuilt one off bitchen tryke class.
  7. Don't even sound like a vdub!
  8. Yup, thems heavy mothers
  9. All right!! Soundz great!
  10. Bitchen CB! Comin along nicely
  11. Yea, theres gotta be some kinda binding or sumtin to cause repeated breakage
  12. That will make it easier to get thru traffic, its a bitch when the bikes can split lanes and such and the trykes get left behind.
  13. Looks like a softtail shock to me, I upgraded my softy to Progressives years ago, call them with dimensions, maybe they can hook you up. I've never seen one break before, Ultima parts seem to have a bad rep tho...
  14. Oh, I meant the actual width from outside tire to outside or the other tire. Yea the oversize tires on some trykes and hotrods look outa place
  15. Nice! That rear thread width looks pretty narrow tho....