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  1. Yep all those details take forever
  2. Man that seat fitz good!
  3. Sorry to hear you got it so rough......ha
  4. That works!
  5. Thatz fuked up, I wanna see this one thru !!
  6. Ya cut off the upper frame braces? I hope ya got a way to compensate, that backbone is gonna move around a bit. Seen it before many years ago.....
  7. That's usual
  8. Nuthin sez 'leather' like fringe....
  9. Chop a wok! That's a first for TCU!
  10. The finish on them clamps kinda look like cast. Good use of that empty tranny
  11. Quite an elaborate exhaust system, those cast double clamps look kinda familiar. The exhaust would go there if it was a turbo 350 transmission!
  12. No body ever said it was easy........or maybe somebody did.....
  13. Hmmmm.....I would rate that as 2 and a half YOU SUCK!!s
  14. I'm not as judgemental as Dusty, I'll have to find out whatcha paid before I say "You Suck!"
  15. Thats a real time machine, nice score! Haven't seen them wheels in a long time