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  1. I like but I'm a sugar skull fan
  2. Sh- lets talk about what you would like done since there are tons of variables. Exactly like that runs $150 it has tons of hours in it and the lacing eats up two rolls of fairly spendy lacing. Shipping about $11 Bone thanks I appreciate it. Everyone else thanks glad yall like it.
  3. cool work bro
  4. And shouldnt this dumbass have realized how stupid that looks long before the got to this point?
  5. Are the forwards and footpegs gonna be on the gas tank? Or will this abortion be ridden by a giraffe?
  6. Thanx folx, 4cam it is 8 ounce for the top and brim to give it structure and 3 ounce on the side of the crown to save weight. It seems to be the best combination I've come up with.
  7. Heres a hat I am just finishing up its the first I've done in tooled flames. Going to a drummer in a rock band.
  8. Seriously asskicking
  9. Po, I really like that I somehow missed your finished picture of it. I was showing a student the unfinished and then scrolled down. Super bitchin!
  10. Way freakin cool!
  11. ]Its just a trio of round spun cones. Like this without the raised ridges http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/Freeman_Keller/Tricone/IMG_0094.jpg
  12. ]Its just a trio of round spun cones. Like this without the raised ridges:
  13. If any of you do it could you turn me a set of resonators for the metal body dobro I'm building?
  14. I've done it both ways. I think just very slightly damp works best for me.
  15. Rduck looks like since all other projects should be done with by Christmas break we might get to trying out making the lace. the pattern she and I have worked out so far for biker lace is thin stripe, chain, stripe for a border then a line of spade, spiderweb,skull, spiderweb, spade then the stripe/chain border then large spade with skull inside and crossed pistons with flames all around to tie it all together. May throw in a few other icons as well 8 balls, question marks etc