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  1. Well....... Most of it is one off also. Lots of self made parts in this one. Why not a tank also?
  2. Working on it ever so slowly.
  3. Still struggling with some health issues. But did get to hit it a lick today. Cut bent fitted welded a tunnel in that tank bottom. Bottom is nearly done. The top is around 3/4 done. Still have to make the front around the yoke and the tail end at the seat.
  4. Welding.
  5. Worked on the tank bottom a bit. Making the pick up and return points. Not a lot of places to choose from. Valve and nipple will be underneath up in a recessed box.
  6. Worked on some air duct ideas.
  7. My health seems to have settled down. Trying to get back on the project. So cut some metal for the bottom and fitted it to the profile. Sand blasted all of it.
  8. I have had some health issues and a lot of work also. Really have not done much with the scooter the past couple weeks. Ordered some more anodized fitting, some hoses, clamps, fuel filter, valve along with other small items. All for the gas tank hook ups. Not in yet.... But I am gonna hafta make an adapter for the suction side of the ford fuel pump. I have some of it ordered but will make one piece. I have started whittling on it.
  9. Gas tank.
  10. Delete if you want. It don't bother is part of our history as a group now. It will take me a while to do the editing. I typically work 7-7-7. 7am to 7pm 7 days a week. I don't have much time. I usually get about 30 minutes a day for myself.
  11. Can I get some instruction on editing or updating the pic links? As far as I know I do not have that level of admin privilege. I don't think I can edit and change the links. I am doing everything with a phone though........
  12. Yes. I think I have gotten all my pics local now. And they are on Google photos. Just hate the many pages of dead links.
  13. Yes I might continue to post, maybe even with new pics. But all the history of the build is gone.
  14. Looks like the thread is dead. Photobucket just kicked their own bucket. They no longer allow sharing unless you pay $399 a year. That ain't happening. Unless this site wants to host the 1200 pics to go with the thread I doubt it will be repaired.
  15. Since that time with the girlie she has completed her enrollment. She has taken the Act's and easily made college level entry. Collected her unconditional letters of recommendation stating not only that she can make the grade but that the age difference will not be a problem for her. And I have been getting her out and into more adult situations. Taking her to work, dealing with people, ECT. I have even taken her out to the juke joint a couple times. Growing up fast. Hopefully she will be a strong person and not feel the need to give herself away for simple attention. Next is driving., which in itself is not a problem, she can drive. The problem is she is 14 and has 2 more years to wait on that. But she needs a way to and from the college and wants her own hot rod car.