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  1. Show choices were slim. Trike. But all that was store bought stuff with accessories. And they were ignoring me anyway. Bagger. Just not a fit. Antique. It is a registered antique but it is not a restored original for sure. Not a fit. A couple other that just was not a fit. Full custom. This seemed the ticket. Only 4 entered. A stock bike with lots of bolt on chrome bits. A store bought chop. Probably a Big Dawg. A girl with a self made with lots of smaller mods done by her own hand. Some twisted metal, welded links, cut fenders, rebuilt engine with mild internal mods, paint. All done by her. This in my eyes was the only other that qualified as "full custom" Then me with handmade most everything. Just no shiny chrome or shiny paint. Guess what....out of only 4 entries I did not place in the top 3.
  2. So a story from way back. I went to a bike rally not far from home. Not a real big event. I decided to get in the show. The trike looked like this.
  3. So.... Here is a question.... Is it a chopper? A hot rod? Or what is it? If I were to go to a bike meet/event and wanted to put it in the show and shine. What class would it fit in?
  4. The gas tank is welded out, pressure tested and touched up and the sealer coating on/in. 4 days to wait on that. Then body filler and primer.
  5. Current walk around. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vwhprk8zSdQ0TR38_DmFP_KcOdro6jTG1Q/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. It has been run in a bit more. Worked a bit more with the computer. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B291Vwl-NHGedVFWd3d1SElVNEE/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. It has now been run through several warm up cycles.Things are loosening up and settling in.Over the first start hots.Scaled up the fuel tables and have it rich now.The ford idle air valve is online now and working.It idles on its own now.The base timing is checked and was on 10 advanced with no advance command (no spark advance word from computer). That is the way ford intended it.I reved it one time high enough to hit the cam.It sounds beefy/chunky like a big block Chevy at idle and down low.But when the cam comes in it suddenly changes and becomes a big motorcycle sounding engine.Gonna be wild.
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B291Vwl-NHGeV2J3S0pObWoyVDA/view?usp=drivesdk It started.
  9. This has drug out over a long period of time. But some history. This thing is not all new. I built it years ago with a 2110 carved engine. Flat black and cruiser styled. It was run this way many years. At one point it was my daily transport for 3 yrs. The engine needed internal work and I took it apart. Should have fixed it and put it back together. But. BBO came around and I had the idea of a re-style. Something more choppery looking. So begins the rabbit hole. The always wanted this or to do that and while this is apart anyway. Old pic And a before and after
  10. Wide tires still would look cool.... Ok so. It is 4 ft wide to the outside of the tires. It is s cut down narrow axle swing.
  11. If I remember correctly....those are 215 wide. I suppose you can tell i am a bit performance oriented. I don't really want to run more tire than what is needed. Tires that are bigger than what is needed for the hp, weight or use are just a big power suck. I does look cool to have 2000hp tires. It makes you think it needs them. But if you do not need them then you are just throwing away hp and performance. That has always been a problem with me when trying to build something cool. If it is counter productive to making it go then I don't want it. Sometimes you can find something that look good and go also......
  12. One header welded up and on there. One more to go.
  13. Finishing up various small details. Pressured up the oil system and everything seems to work as it should. Made a big mess. Learned a little air pressure goes a long ways.
  14. Got some tank sealer from wal mart.
  15. Well....... Most of it is one off also. Lots of self made parts in this one. Why not a tank also?