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  1. Hey thanks for reading. Recently (like 3 months ago) i bought a small engine honda bike for the everyday tasks, so i can move free and save some gas money. Its a cgl 125 tool honda, that coast me about 1200 dlls, not bad price for a brand new 2014 dealer bike. Anyway, since day one i notice i had to move the chuck to the top in order to start the bike, and put it back down once is running, and also the revolutions where about 4000 per minute , so the bike felt like it was way to acelerated so i screw around with the carb and manage to take it down to 1500 rpm. So last month i took it to the dealer for my first service and told the mecanich about it, and he said he was going to take care of it, but it really did nothing besides changing the spark plug, oil and air filter, the bike still needs to play with the chuck in order to geit started. I had one of this bikes before at work and they work great, good top speed for its size, good gas milage, and remember that bike to start right away. So i wonder if anyone can help me with advice on how to tune the carb. An about the dealer macanich , those guys apear to be no good, the dont look profecional and most of them offer you to do the job outside the dealer for a better price, wich it dosnt seem right to me. anyway hope someone will help me out in here. I plan to chop this little bike after the the warranty gets void, that would be about 10 more months, and hopefully turn it into something cool. Ive always been a huge fan of Darits designs and i dream of building something cool as this Ps, pardon my bad grammar and english as its my second lenguange, thanks again.
  2. I think im gonna have to spend more time with my friend (the one who builds race cages) and see what kind of welder he use on the mandrel pipes he works with. Then have my brother and even i to start practicing on welding those pipes before we actualy build a frame...
  3. As i stated, im not open to the people , we will start as a hobbie first once we get good enough then we will open to the public, my brother knows about welding, im just asking here what would be best,tig or mig, since im the one whos buying the equipment, and on the pipe tube issue, as i stated to english its my second lenguage and sometimes i have a hard time diferiencing on those, but localy i know wich typu of tube to buy has i have a friend that builds racing cars cages that told me wich tube too buy, i just dont wanna over buther him with alot of questions, people often thinks you want to take away theyr bussines and provide you with not so acurate information. And as we want to work on motorcycles i thought i ask for advice in this forum. So theres nothing to worry about, my brother its an experience mechacnic and technichian, im sure we will do just fine, im not some dumb myself im sure ill make a great helper.
  4. Sorry Garage gremlin Im ashame to ask but im not familiar with the jargon (english is my second lenguage) what does OD and ID stand for? And the pipe or tube,not sure how to call it they use here to build race cages are mesured in inches, what sure i look for to get the right die i need,circunference and wall? and about the welder, i read on this forum this machines have good reviews http://www.harborfreight.com/tig-mma-inverter-welding-machine-with-digital-readout-98233.html
  5. cuestion on the die sets,whats the diference betwen round and pipe sets,wich should i use?
  6. Probender stuff lokks nice too but i think i will go with jds, but definitly will use the notcher advice, and about the welding, i think there are separated opinios on this one, are there any machines that will handle both?
  7. Sure jd stuff looks awsome, cant decide on wich model to buy as i dont think i need something fancy as the model 4 , but model 3 looks like it does the job just fine, model 32 hydralic looks complicated but it seems it helps alot too...will keep my eye on this ones...
  8. So my brother got exited about us starting a small shop to modify and build frames Hes very talented with pretty much everything he wants to do, but we dont have any tools at all to start, so i thought maybe we can start a small shop for relatives and friends, nothing formal,and once we get to know how the job its done, then we can open to the public. so far i thought about a tube bender and came up with this http://www.speedwaymotors.com/3rd-Generation-Hydraulic-Round-Tubing-Bender-and-5-Die-Set,20066.html so my second thought will be cuts and found this http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Speedy-Notcher-Tubing-Notcher,3482.html now my 3rd its welding, and that im not sure if its gonna be tig or mig or both, so i need help on what ealse should i consider, are there any better bending toools out there? thanks for any help.
  9. I bought the tube yesterday, next step, is the hardest part, bend the tube, will post pictures soon
  10. i was thinking about that, do you have any examples i can look at ?
  11. Si i got to work on the information part of the bike, wich means getting a real stimate on how much will the frame coast me, so what i did , i printed a real size mockup frame, wich i think it came out just fine, , it looks like plenty of size for the engine,and about the size of the original bike,anyway my friend will help me out get a good deal on the frame, wich its gonna be made out of 1 1/14 inch erw tube,whole frame bended will be around 100 dlls , not including the welding, wish i will have to pay separate. so heres the picture of the real life mockup frame. what do you guys think? does it look good on the size? thanks for any feedback.
  12. yeap , i ilke the voodo vintage stuff, that guy has real talent, too bad he dosnt have a frame for small engines, im sure he´will have them in the future.....the part im wondering the most its the kind of gas tank that would look good with this frame tipe. So ill ask for the veterans here, what are the models of gas tanks that are small? or how can i build my own gas tank?
  13. i know,i know, but its not easy to work on a bike witrh no money, it kind of like make me fell down, but since i got mi first paycheck i now have the actitud to start working,anyway heres my update, first picture shows my getto jig, wich im not gonna be working on ,but hopefully this week ill buy some wood to make me a amateur jig and start working on the bike, on the second picture i photoshoped a mockup frame on the style i would like to have, its a frame from a 650xs from voodoo vintage that i will try to copy and adapt to this small 125cc engine, (hope voodoo vintage wont mind). I will build a frame from pipe first so i can weld it, once im happy with the results i will take the dummy frame over to my friends shop and have him buil the real thing from erw tube. i have been figuring out the electronics so i can figure out how im gonna hide them. thas all for noww and hope things get well with the time.
  14. i like them, thanks for the info...
  15. Funny guys, i need to watch what i photograph for next time, by the way, does anyone knows what kind of gas tank its this one? found the picture at voodoovintage facebook....