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  1. Not nearly as creepy-lookin as any 'possum I ever seen... Was you makin motor noises?
  2. That is a really impressive lookin bike dude!
  3. Yeah Tom, they just opened a new one like 10 min from me too... Honestly, I really want a bigger, better welder, somethin along the lines of like a 170-190a brand name MIG, but this is what i could afford for now. I've read that the HF wire is also pretty crappy, and that they work better with brand name wire, but i havn't gotten around to that yet either...
  4. Ok, first off, i know it's a cheap piece of crap, ans it ain't heavy enough for structural stuff, but anyhow... I picked up their little 90amp flux welder, cuz i needed something to do some sheet metal work on our old jeep, and it was on sale for $90... The fround clamp that comes with the thing is a cheap piece of crap. So i swung back buy, and pucked up their 300a clamp for like $6. Replaced the bolt that came in it with a smaller one that fit the hole in the lug already on the lead, and it made a WORLD of difference in the way the thing welds... I wss actually gonna replace the whole lead with a piece of heavier welding cable, but i didn't get that far yet... Just figured I'd pass a little info along...
  5. I had that happen to me once. I think it was because it was really humid the day I painted whatever it was... i ended up just scuffing it up and shooting it again. But that was in my color coat, not clear.... That was rattle can too, fwiw
  6. Those are cool!
  7. Looks good to me! Id have probably put the fans on the other side of the wall/filters, but not for any real reason, other than I just like it better that was...
  8. I really like the oil filter inside the primary like that!!
  9. I sorta thought of that, however then it would be driven only when the bike's rolling, which I'm thinking would make tuning extremely difficult, and the fan on the unit would effectively work as a choke when not moving.... I think my best option with this zooki motor would be to 'extend' (hook something onto, whatever) the crank on whichever side of the engine has the easier access... kind of convoluted at this point as its all in my head, and i havn't really looked at either machine yet with the ideas in mind.
  10. Ok, first off, i know this idea seems a little bit nuts, but hey, these kinds of ideas come to me at times, so anyhow... So, i hane, sitting under the workbench in the garage, a half-dead, gas-powered lawn blower/vac. The idea occured to me the other night at work that I might be able to remove the blower/fan side of that and set it up to work something like a centrifugal supercharger (eg Procharger, etc). I know that it wouldn't be nearly as effective as something designed as a supercharger, but then, well this place is all about makin yer own so... I also know that linking it to the crank won't be an easy task, nor will be figuring out intake plumbing, jetting the carbs, etc... But I've got a GS450 sitting in my garage with no title, so it might be the sorta thing i coild tinker with... Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
  11. Damn dude! Serious buck- work there! Should lool killer when ya get the metal done!
  12. If you already got the cable setup for the ironhead, cool. If not I know at least early Suzuki Savage/S40s use a cable system for the rear brake. Might have to modify it or something, but could still end up cheaper than HD parts
  13. I think it's kinda like WC said. I like the general design, but I think it needs some tweaking to be "right". To me, it's like it's not quite long enough from the visual center back, or it's too long in the front... Kinda hard to explain, but I think it's definitely got potential.
  14. When I mounted the fender on my strutted Savage, I actually made a bracket that fastened to the "web" in the from of the swingarm with like 4 self-drilling sheet-metal screws, then I bolted the fender to that. I was also able to tap a 1/4-20 hole in the axleplate of the swingarm for the fender supports. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the bracket, and this is the best shot I have of the fender support mounts
  15. Ya know, I don't particularly like the cafe style myself, don't thing I'd ever build a "traditional" cafe-style. But honestly, any more the lines blur between styles on lot of builds. I say build what it is ya like, build what the bike tells you it wants... I'm willing to bet that a bike won't tell ya it wants to be a cafe if ya don't like 'em.