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  1. Piece of mean rolling art thunder there! Luv it!
  2. Great looking project you have there! Any progress? If not too late (I been gone awhile) re colors, what do you want to stand out more? Tins or frame? IMO having looked at Dusty Dave's link to Prismatic Powders I'd personally hit the frame with the combo pic shown as shocker yellow over super chrome. The resulting green would match up great with the pearl black for the tins. Add some cool similar green pin striping to the tins to tie er all together. Hey and add a tall sissy bar! All choppers need way-tall sissy bars!
  3. Cool! I like the tail fender too.... just like it better with no paint. Haha! Will enjoy seeing how this build progresses. Best of luck on it!
  4. Great project and progress!!!! Luv the look. REALLY luv the pre-unit! Great work on that baby!!! So for a 'scrambler' you thinkin' lightened flywheels... stockish/alloy 19/18 inch rear wheel.... smaller clutch/bigger rear sprocket? Or is it more for tootling around the Belgium roads? Great idea Inappropriate has to clear coat the Hell outta all that beautiful patina. Rear Harley fender ....hmmmm... that license plate bracket may take a shit kicking with or without mud factored in. Me, I'd probably take the paint off it before clear coating to match things up. Just opinions though. You're doing great!
  5. x2
  6. Super great deal you got on the bike! It may be missing allot of internals cuz when a seller tries to get top dolla they'll bolt stuff together just enough. Kinda seems like the owner passed or lost the bike .....seems a project that was well underway got stopped. May be missing the clutch internals completely. Best to get the bike apart to ensure no surprises. Not good having to take it all apart after nearing completion after finding out a correct internal part is in one of the a parts boxes.
  7. FANTASTICAL!! The green and patina rocks! You consider maybe a sissy bar?
  8. Been a while since here. Life got in the way. Got the spokes adjusted/rear wheel trued (1/4 inch play there) and tires balanced and problem all gone. Rode her hard all summer and had chicks hug and kiss me tellin' me it's HOT and even had a fellow run off the sidewalk at a lights asking me about it and yelling for his his wife to take pics before light turned green. Ran great and was even parked in a rainstorm by accident. Fired up and got my ass home no probs. Just gradually adding more jewelry to the carb.
  9. Luvin' it!!! What psi in the tires? I go softer than the max rating and my kidneys are way happier.
  10. Nice looking outcome. But unless I can stare at a pic with you atop it it's hard to tell how it really looks. You could be a short guy or a tall guy. Bottom line is a custom bike is built around the rider. You could look like Easy Rider or a dog fukkin' a football for all we know with just a pic of the sled. Sorry to get personal, but personal is what a chopper/bobber is. I'll get jumped on by some here but that's my humble opinion. A side view of you riding it tells me if it's a cool build or not. Form and function kinda thing combined in a pic.
  11. Bushings fine. Spokes need edjusting since the wheel has a 1/4 inch wobble. Gettin' er done tomorrow.
  12. Thanks I'll check those things out. Maybe cuz the sissy bar is so tall it also acts as a kind of fulcrum in itself that transfers down to the wheel. I'm not into speed but sure want a smooth ride. I read about your build on this and another forum. Great progress and condolences on the loss of your dear sis. Good you were able to get there in time to say goodbye. I had to go tall due to my height. That's why the back of the tank is lifted... to line up a bit with the seat. You're tall also and with your build will have to have forward controls to be comfortable. I can't go this route since years ago I had to stand up and jump high as a car was coming broadside through a red. Also some times we went field running and had a need to stand while going over rough terrain. So I aimed to keep the standard foot control placement. Since the seat sits on the fender (fender is a strong one that was in the parts that came w the bike) I needed a thick and padded one for my big ass. 250lbs. I tried to 'thin' it by adding a piece of chair cover that has the theme colors.....hard to find something with blue (tank sticker) peachy red (tank badges) gold (tank badges and pinstripes) green (pinstripes) Figure I lucked out when the hospital I work at tossed the chair. Folks do say it slims the seat to help make that fat seat look a bit better. But HEY my ass sure appreciates it!!! I have a set of old fashioned chrome coils the kind that have the coils taper down in width to a straight length at the bottom. I have a fender bracket that'll work to attach the coils to the fender or I can attach them to the struts via two 3 piece clamps that normally go to attach highway pegs. Just gotta figure how to attach the coils to seat bottom so I can remove either top or bottom coli mounts to tilt the seat up if and when necessary. By adding the coils the bike will have some width under the seat since the coils are beside the fender to make it look better as well as lift the seat up an inch or so to give me a tad more height and my ass more happiness over bumps. There's stuff on this bike not done before acc to the pics I've seen... - tool roll under the seat - flat black fenders BUT the graphics have been cleared - oil cooler on the front with lines going to a remote under the engine - jewelry since I think of the bike as a 'she'. Check out the carb.... gave her a bracelet after a safe long ride yesterday and some diamonds for her tail light. Hey we buy stuff like that for our other ladies don't we? Makes em happy right? So why not give your ride some presents?
  13. No offence taken man! But may I ask how tall you are? The 10 up front and the large seat moved up and back is what fits. Hey it's a chopper so it's supposed to not agree with some people. I'm tired of seeing everything chromed and polished. A rat chop to me anyways is a bike done with minimal $. Seat cost $40. and front/swingarm deal was like that done in the late 60's. Just was rebuilt for safety. I have no old lady so a solo is fine. Still have the king/queen seat but again being 6'4" would need it up and back. But the real problem is the rear wheel vibration where the sissy bar sways a coupla inches back and forth. Front wheel looks about the same re vibration from what I see from the cockpit. It's pretty close to a 60's chop since I've tried to keep all the same as it was when done in the 60's. So how tall are you? This would change my view on it also. The guy who had it was like 5'8". Any ideas/suggestions on the vibration would really be appreciated.
  14. Got 2 oz. Dynabeads into each tube. No difference. Tightened the chain and made double sure wheel was in line too. Fuck guess I'll have to get the wheels off the ground and weight them the ole fashioned way. No sidestand so a bitta thinking needed now.